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 All Life Is Programmed

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1PostSubject: All Life Is Programmed   Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:18 am

Life On The Planet

This is not a religious thing.

Everything on this planet has a cycle to it.  It is called life and reproduction.  Everything on this planet is programmed at a certain time and nothing can change that timing.  I mean everything from plants to bugs, to reptiles to the fish in the sea to the birds that fly and those that do not all the way up to mammals and even humans.  We are all programmed to begin reproduction at a certain age per species on this planet we call Earth.  There is no getting around it.
The human body is programmed to start the process of reproduction at about the age of 12 years old.  I do not know why it is that age but it has been since the dawn of our very existence.  No matter what we do it is still there urging us on to reproduce.  It happens for the female and also of the male in each species, not matter what orientation one has.  It does not matter if you are straight or gay or anything in between or outside of that.  It does not care.  The program is set to run and you cannot change it.
The Brain
The brain comes in two parts.  Well let me put it this way:  When the child is conceived the brain starts to form.  It continues to grow and grow and grow and at birth through the age of 10 it grows very fast.  We learn how the body works and how we are becoming aware of what we are in those years. 
Surprise!!!  Most people do not have a clue that there is another part of the brain that is not there at that age.  That part of the brain is called the Frontal Lobe.  It is not even there at this point in the lives of youngsters.  It does not even begin to form until the age of 13.  This is in every mammalian and I suppose reptilians too. 
The Frontal Lobe is the part of the brain that we have that deals with our decision making processes.  Before this a child could make decisions, but their thoughts are not concrete as yet.  They have no real concept of what is right and wrong and they have no concept of consequences.  Until this part of the brain is finished they are experimenting with everything about their own awareness and their bodies.  No getting around this.  It is programmed.  This part of the brain does not stop growing until about the age of 27.
Now that you know that, hopefully you ca understand the way teens are and why they are so hard to get along with.  They are almost like becoming a new human.  The frontal lobe also brings in new hormones to help facilitate reproduction.  It cannot be changed.  Other things can be changed or ceased by drugs and alcohol but the reproduction cannot.  It is hard-wired into each individual.
Menstruation and Nocturnal Emissions or Wet Dreams!

Hello!!!!!!  Here we go!  The new hormones have arrived and they will wreak havoc to the body that you so thought that you knew prior to this time in your growing life on the planet.  These little chemical elements will make things grow that you hadn’t really noticed before like some body parts.  Girls are growing breasts and boys are growing hair and other things.  Remember this is all programmed and you cannot stop it!

A girl’s body will begin to prepare itself to reproduce.  Did you know that all the eggs of a girl’s lifetime will be there in her ovaries from the time that she is born?  Oh yes, we are programmed to reproduce and how do we do that?  Sex is how we do that.  Did you also know that the brain seeks out a perfect mate at this time period?  Oh period, that is another name for menstruation.  Each month the uterus makes itself all cushiony for a new baby.  Hormones are raging in a female’s body at the young age of 12.  There is no stopping it.  The body wants to make a baby.  The brain wants to make a baby, but the person is struggling to keep both of these systems managed.  Sometimes the girl can do this but it takes a lot of perseverance against what is programmed.  Some time they don’t and then they have babies and they don’t really have the qualification to do so as they have not had enough life experience to understand some things.  She will do things and wear things to get a male’s attention, because that is what all the programming does.  It is set in us…all of us.  No need to judge that.  It is a program that is in our bodies.
A boy’s brain doesn’t work like a girl’s brain.  For some reason they are slow learners.  Their need to procreate is stronger than a girl’s.  Many times their brains do not even function properly. LOL Seriously thought the things that are taught to them have no need to be so and they are not above women.  They do not need to have the girl be submissive at all.  That is not hard-wired into the program of Life on the Planet.  A boy does not have a right to make the girl do anything by wearing the clothes that she chooses, based on the program.
When we get through this rough time and the hormones are more controllable and the brain is done growing then and only then can we really make the right decisions about having children.  AGAIN, the body chooses the mate.  There is so much going on that I cannot put it in one post.  Again it isn’t what the woman wears that give the man the idea that she wants sex.  Both have to take equal responsibility for their thoughts (indoctrinated into them and also naturally) and actions.  That is what a mature person does.  Those who like to take what they think are theirs are not mature people. 

We are programmed to reproduce.  We do not need to help this along.  It will happen just the way that it is programmed in us.
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2PostSubject: Re: All Life Is Programmed   Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:30 pm

Yes! The development of the human personality is programmed by many different factors, with some of the most important hard-wired into our genes. The biochemical changes that children of both genders undergo as they mature in adults are one of the best-understood, as you just described. Unfortunately, while all parents SHOULD know these things and freely discuss them with their children, far too many, even in this enlightened age, are still failing to do so.
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All Life Is Programmed
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