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 What Good Things Come From The Bible

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1PostSubject: What Good Things Come From The Bible   Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:58 pm

The Bible!
Just its name conjures up dis-belief and anger and fear to some. Ask yourself why. Why do you get these emotions from a book that is compiled of several writings of a people that no longer exist?

When I was going through my Spiritual Journey that has not ended and it will always continue, I read that Bible from front to back and in between looking for answers as to what and why the experience that I went through. You could say that I was lost--but I knew that Jesus --- or My GOD loved me. Jesus came to tell me that himself. I know that I was loved for who and what I was without reservations. During my experience I wasn't asked what religion that I belonged to --nor was I asked if I broke any of the Ten Commandments-----nor was I asked if I loved my neighbor as myself or even if I read the Bible, nor was I asked if I did anything bad or sinned. I wasn't asked if I was a good girl and did everything to God's Specifications. I was just loved--and that love was more than anyone can ever imagine here on the Earth and in this body.

Now go and try to find that in religions or anywhere else here on this Earth. You can't and religions will never have it. The more you try to hold onto that love, which they don't have, the harder it is to hold on to. No one can put that love of Jesus and God in a box and expect one person, group, religion or single book to claim ownership of it. It is impossible.

Now in this Bible if you read it -and then take a step back with each book that you read in it---don't take any certain verse over another and don't segregate it--or your will lose its meaning. After reading the whole book--------step back and see what good things come out of it. You will see a pattern throughout the Bible--------------and it isn't killing or love or God's mercy or telling you what to do-----------it is a guide-------go on read it that way. Don't go into it with a negative attitude nor one of I don't need this because it doesn't pertain to me because I was not brought up on the Bible-------just read it------------------that's all--just read it. After you read it ask yourself what you already know in it that you didn't know or thought that you didn't know before you read it. Some of the things that come out of it are: Killing is bad-------know what--you already knew that---it is written on your heart. Love----it is all over the Bible if you can get past the human parts of it where one is mad because so and so did this or that to them and they have the resort to revenge-----------notice They had to resort to revenge--------Not the whole chapter and do NOT forget to go to other books and especially history (The Antiquity of the People for one) --------Jesus says to search in other places to find what is right for you------you as an individual--------see what he says to those who think they are close to God and tells people that because they do so (in Pride) they are farthest from him. Jesus also said that he will come to those in the way they would understand him----not what or how another would----and he certainly did not tell anyone to convert or kill for him--------he simply said go tell the world--------man put everything else in it. He also said Do not FEAR him-----so why is there fear associated with anything that he has said----and he said it in the Bible-----and a whole lot of other places. That one single book called the Bible doesn't have all the answers in it and it isn't complete because all of the works and miracles of Jesus are not contained therein. It says that right in the Bible.
Religions will put a slant on what is in that Bible. They use the words for their own agenda and that is to spread fear. Don't you fear though because if you read what I am going to put next you will be in awe as to what else is contained therein. I am going to show you what good things come from it.

Believe It

Like I said there are bits and pieces that are good in there if you can get over the fear and vengeance and name calling and human emotional parts. God said that everything that he made is good----believe it.

There is Karma in that book. Religious people aren't allowed to see those parts or they choose to ignore them. Some of the verses that speak about Karma (Cause and Effect) are: The Golden Rule - Treat Others as you would have them treat you. What ye shall sow, ye shall also reap. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself, Judge Not least ye be judged. There are more if you would like to go searching on your own.

Jesus says in that Book to Ask and it shall be given, to seeks and you shall find and to believe and it will be yours. He also tells us to test the spirits if they are good or not to you and if they seem right. So go seek the other good things of the Bible out. He will help you with the Holy Spirit.

Believe it!

What Love Is

For starters let see what the Bible says about Love and what it is that we are supposed to do with and about it.

1 Corinthians 13
1If with the tongues of men and of messengers I speak, and have not love, I have become brass sounding, or a cymbal tinkling;
2and if I have prophecy, and know all the secrets, and all the knowledge, and if I have all the faith, so as to remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing;
3and if I give away to feed others all my goods, and if I give up my body that I may be burned, and have not love, I am profited nothing.
4The love is long-suffering, it is kind, the love doth not envy, the love doth not vaunt itself, is not puffed up,
5doth not act unseemly, doth not seek its own things, is not provoked, doth not impute evil,
6rejoiceth not over the unrighteousness, and rejoiceth with the truth;
7all things it beareth, all it believeth, all it hopeth, all it endureth.
8The love doth never fail; and whether [there be] prophecies, they shall become useless; whether tongues, they shall cease; whether knowledge, it shall become useless;
9for in part we know, and in part we prophecy;
10and when that which is perfect may come, then that which [is] in part shall become useless.
11When I was a babe, as a babe I was speaking, as a babe I was thinking, as a babe I was reasoning, and when I have become a man, I have made useless the things of the babe;
12for we see now through a mirror obscurely, and then face to face; now I know in part, and then I shall fully know, as also I was known;
13and now there doth remain faith, hope, love -- these three; and the greatest of these [is] love.

Songs of Love Are Therein

The poetry of a man and women in deepest love is in the Book of Soloman. What a wonderful praise they display to each other. You wouldn't even know that was there if I didn't tell you about it. If every man and every woman displayed this much love, grace and poetry to each other there would be less fighting in the world. Here is just the first chapter from that book for you to enjoy:

1The Song of Songs, that [is] Solomon's.
2Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth, For better [are] thy loves than wine.
3For fragrance [are] thy perfumes good. Perfume emptied out -- thy name, Therefore have virgins loved thee!
4Draw me: after thee we run, The king hath brought me into his inner chambers, We do joy and rejoice in thee, We mention thy loves more than wine, Uprightly they have loved thee!
5Dark [am] I, and comely, daughters of Jerusalem, As tents of Kedar, as curtains of Solomon.
6Fear me not, because I [am] very dark, Because the sun hath scorched me, The sons of my mother were angry with me, They made me keeper of the vineyards, My vineyard -- my own -- I have not kept.
7Declare to me, thou whom my soul hath loved, Where thou delightest, Where thou liest down at noon, For why am I as one veiled, By the ranks of thy companions?
8If thou knowest not, O fair among women, Get thee forth by the traces of the flock, And feed thy kids by the shepherds' dwellings!
9To my joyous one in chariots of Pharaoh, I have compared thee, my friend,
10Comely have been thy cheeks with garlands, Thy neck with chains.
11Garlands of gold we do make for thee, With studs of silver!
12While the king [is] in his circle, My spikenard hath given its fragrance.
13A bundle of myrrh [is] my beloved to me, Between my breasts it lodgeth.
14A cluster of cypress [is] my beloved to me, In the vineyards of En-Gedi!
15Lo, thou [art] fair, my friend, Lo, thou [art] fair, thine eyes [are] doves!
16Lo, thou [art] fair, my love, yea, pleasant, Yea, our couch [is] green,
17The beams of our houses [are] cedars, Our rafters [are] firs, I [am] a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys!

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What Good Things Come From The Bible
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