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 31 WiH Appendices

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1PostSubject: 31 WiH Appendices   Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:52 pm

Appendix A: A Suggested Code of Conduct for Spiritual Revolutionaries

Q. Do you think people really need to be told things like, "Spiritual Revolutionaries shouldn't desecrate churches or beat up Fundamentalists?" I hope the whole tone of this book makes it obvious that neither the author nor the Invisible College think in these terms at all.

A. That's true, but as we said before, we think it's a good idea to say these things in so many words, to minimize the effects of any possible actions by Theocratic agents. We can't prevent either fools or enemies from doing things we disapprove of and trying to attach the name of the Spiritual Revolution to them; but if we make a list of don'ts, at least we can reduce such people's credibility.

1. The Invisible College does not authorize any living people on Earth to act as our permanent or official representatives. We will send telepathic messages to anyone we consider capable of receiving them accurately and whose general personality structure and conduct are acceptable to us, and we will plainly label these as coming from the Invisible College. However, this does not mean we give a general endorsement to the opinions and actions of the people who receive and pass on such messages.

Even more important, when anything purporting to be such a message is published, Spiritual Revolutionaries should never accept it as authoritative, unless their own best judgment tells them it is a valid message from us and unless they agree with it ethically. Readers of War in Heaven have already been instructed to react to the book in this way, and the sane principle should be applied to this Code of Conduct as well. We hope you will accept it and abide by it, but you have to make up your own mind.

And remember this: the Theocrats are going to send some very subtle and sophisticated deceptions to fool Spiritual Revolutionaries. Analyze everything you hear, read, and receive telepathically on the subject of Spiritual Revolution very carefully before you accept it as true.

2. Although the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College is a deadly and bitter one, Spiritual Revolutionaries gain absolutely nothing by feeling negative emotions toward people who serve the interests of the Theocrats on Earth. Even more important, the Invisible College does not want people who have made the breakthrough to debate spiritual issues with believers in Theocratic religion, nor to make direct, in-person contact with them under any circumstances. You shouldn't hate them or attack them in any way, but you shouldn't try to convert them either. Confine your proselytizing activities to people who appear friendly, or at least neutral, to the general cause of Spiritual Revolution.

3. Spiritual Revolutionaries should not write or teach general attacks on organized religion similar to those that organized atheists have traditionally done. Our enemy is Theocracy, not religion in general.

The Invisible College is now making a major effort to take control individual congregations of religious believers away from the Theocrats. In most cases, the external trappings of the religious group don't change enough for outside observers to tell it is no longer Theocratic, nor are the people involved consciously aware of what has happened.

For this reason, critiques of organized religion by Spiritual Revolutionaries should be specific, not general. It is best to limit yourselves to pointing out how a specific element of doctrine or ritual practice advances the cause of Theocracy.

4. The long-term goal of the Invisible College is to assist Earth people in building an advanced civilization on this planet. Our methods for doing so are basically humanistic, pragmatic, and experimental, rather than idealistic or ideological.

We believe that the only way to design social institutions of all kinds to meet human needs is to try a wide variety of possible solutions to specific problems, and allow a process of natural selection to operate through competition, compromise, and Hegelian synthesis. Every power structure should contain checks and balances; this can only be done by deliberately encouraging internal conflicts, which reduce the over-all efficiency of the power structure to a certain extent. Even social justice has a price.

Strong, creative leadership is important, but so is consent of the governed. Achieving the greatest good for the greatest number is a valid ethical goal, but so is respecting individual rights. Spiritual Revolutionaries should try to apply these principles as much as possible in all their specific activities, as the Invisible College does.

5. The emotional tone of the overt Spiritual Revolutionary movement is intended to be positive, constructive, and optimistic. The very fact that people are making the breakthrough and becoming aware of the essential facts about the Theocrats means that the principal Theocratic mechanism for controlling the human race has already been broken. Finding out about the Invisible College and the existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations means that concepts like "progress" and "human perfectibility" can now be considered concrete, achievable goals rather than wild utopian dreams.

Most important of all, learning to deal with spiritual phenomena as part of the natural universe, and with spiritual beings as human rather than superhuman, removes a major source of fear of the unknown. As soon as you make the breakthrough, most of the previously unanswerable questions about spiritual reality suddenly have answers. These answers can be supported with empirical evidence, and they advance the general conclusion that human beings have the potential to control their own destiny. This gives concrete reason to be hopeful about the future.

Appendix B: A Symbol for the Spiritual Revolution

The symbol that the Invisible College has chosen to represent the Spiritual Revolutionary movement is simply a five-pointed star with the symbol "<" inside it. (This is how the ancient Romans wrote the letter that appears as "C" in English). The IC's symbol for the Spiritual Revolutionary movement combines the Masonic "Great Star" and the "G" that appears so frequently inside various other Masonic symbols.

Various occult traditions assign a number of different meanings to the "<," which can be interpreted as the Roman "C" or "G," or the Greek "Kappa" or "Gamma." (The two letters have a common origin and several intermediate forms.)

The "<" can stand for the Masonic "G for God." I've discussed how Masons in the lower Degrees have traditionally accepted a rather orthodox Judeo-Christian definition of "God," whereas those in the highest degrees have a conception of deity that approaches the breakthrough.

By putting the letter that symbolizes the Invisible College inside the star, the extraterrestrials that gave the symbol to earthly occultists are affirming that they are just as human as Earth people are. Notice that a five-pointed star drawn with two of the points at the bottom suggests the general shape of the human body.

Other occult groups interpret the "<" as a "Gamma," standing for the "Gnosis," or "Great Secret." Another interpretation is as a "Kappa" to begin the Greek adjective "kryptos," meaning "secret." The "<" can also be interpreted as a Roman C standing for Custodes, meaning Guardians, as in Guardians of the Great Secret" or "Guardians of the Human Race," depending on whether it refers to people who have made the breakthrough or to the Invisible College.

The five-pointed star has been used in the West throughout the Christian era to symbolize many different forms of organized opposition to Theocratic religion. It is still in use today by Witches and Pagan groups as well by many different occult groups.

The Invisible College has subconsciously manipulated all these diverse groups into using the same symbol to make it easier for people to discover that a single "unseen spiritual conspiracy" is behind all of them. Each group has a different surface interpretation of its meaning, but practically every group that uses the symbol opposes Theocratic religion in one way or another.

If you feel that the Spiritual Revolutionary Movement needs a symbol, the Invisible College suggests this is a good one to use. However, if you want tousle something of your own creation, or nothing at all, that's fine too. It's not crucial. The Spiritual Revolution is not a name, a symbol, a theory, a body of information, or a group of people. It is a state of mind: the breakthrough.

Appendix C: Summary - A Revolutionary Cosmology

1 The human soul is composed of astral matter, which is different in subatomic composition from physical matter but still follows the same general set of natural laws. The soul is a complex biological entity just as the body is, and it is not immortal or imperishable. Like any living thing, it can grow, and repair its own tissues, but it can also be wounded or sicken and die. It also requires nourishment, which it obtains from the body while incarnated. The human body converts some of the chemical energy from the food it ingests into astral energy, which nourishes the soul.

2 After the physical body dies, the soul can survive temporarily in a disembodied state, living on energy it stored while incarnated. Disembodied souls (spirits) can also absorb astral energy radiated by living people who are in states of consciousness that activate their psychic powers - sexual orgasm, religious ecstasy, etc.; but this energy is not usually enough to nourish them adequately. Spirits can also drain astral energy directly from other spirits. Such spiritual vampirism and cannibalism is one of the principal causes of the War in Heaven.

3 The spirit world (astral plane) is not "the natural abode of the soul" as so much religious literature asserts, but is a harsh and hostile environment; many souls do not survive when they enter it after physical death. The astral plane is a condition, not a place. We can't see spiritual beings because the astral matter of which they are made does not reflect or absorb ordinary light, but they are all around us, all the time, right here on the surface of the Earth.

4 Some disembodied spirits can use their psychic powers to communicate with each other and with living people. Since the telepathic faculty of an average Earth person is locked deep in the subconscious mind, psychic communications from spirits and from other people usually are recorded directly in the subconscious memory banks without the knowledge or approval of the conscious mind. Because of this, disembodied spirits and living psychics can practice a form of mind control that most people find very difficult to detect or resist.

5 After physical death, some human souls become "Theocrats." They refuse to reincarnate, but stay disembodied indefinitely. Theocrats maintain political power over other spirits by falsely claiming to be gods, sustaining themselves by feeding off the vital energies of others. The Theocrats use certain forms of organized religion to enslave the souls of believers after death, and they oppose all efforts by living people to build a truly advanced civilization on Earth.

6 The psychic powers of the Theocrats are not strong enough to allow them to paralyze the will of a living person and simply take over direct control of his or her conscious mind. Instead, they practice mind control by telepathically reprogramming the subconscious of anyone who is in the correct state of consciousness to be vulnerable. Until recently, the Theocrats most often practiced this mind control during religious rituals, but they now also practice it on people who are watching television or listening to recorded music. It is no accident that so many people have compared the hero worship of media stars with the religious worship of gods. The purpose of both is the same: to enslave people to the Theocrats.

7 The cruelest Theocratic deception of all is the religious promise of "eternal life in Heaven." Everyone who enters 'Heaven" after death is really entering a Theocratic band. A few of the souls who become entrapped in such bands will eventually become Theocrats themselves. The rest will be devoured. And the concept that human souls can become immortal only by remaining on the astral plane with the "gods" is a lie anyway. A soul can survive almost indefinitely simply by reincarnating for life after life on Earth, and it can grow in wisdom and psychic power during the process.

8 The War in Heaven is an effort by another group of spirits, called the "Invisible College" in this book, to break the control of the Theocrats over the human race and allow people to continue their natural spiritual and cultural evolution. The subconscious telepathic manipulations of the Invisible College are responsible for most of what is good in modern civilization.

9 Some of the spirits in the Invisible College have been sent here deliberately by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that possess sufficient psychic technology to teleport souls over interstellar distances. These extraterrestrial spirits are partly motivated by altruism, but they are also serving the interest of their own societies. The Theocrats are potentially dangerous to the inhabitants of other worlds because they are perverting the natural capacity of the human soul to form god-like composite entities.

10 The human race exists in two forms: individual and composite. The individual form consists of a soul incarnated in a body, and is a complete living creature that can perform all life functions, including reproduction. An individual disembodied human soul cannot reproduce on its own. Every soul was originally created by a human body, and the body cannot survive without a soul. If a disembodied soul does not incarnate into an infant, a new soul forms through a natural embryonic process.

11 However, the human soul also has the potential to fore a composite entity similar to the group soul that a colony of social insects possesses. Instead of attaching themselves to bodies, a large number of disembodied souls attach themselves together, creating a composite entity with the potential to develop a conscious intelligence separate from that of the individual souls contained in it. If this entity possesses only an animal mind and emotions, it is called an Elemental Spirit. If it develops full creative intelligence and becomes a moral, rational being, it is called a God. (However, it is important to realize
that such a God has little in common with the Theocratic impostors who have been posing as gods on Earth throughout history.)

12 Both Elementals and Gods are complete living beings capable of reproduction, and they are not dependent on the human body to supply them with nourishment, because they can directly absorb the astral energy radiated into space by certain kinds of stars. However, they cannot do this while they are on or near the surface of a planet, but only while traveling through deep space.

13 When planet-bound, both Elementals and Gods can obtain the energy needed for life and growth only from psychic emanations of living people or by absorbing other disembodied spirits. In their embryonic stages, the Gods are just as parasitic on the living human race as the Theocrats are; of course, a human embryo is a parasite on its mother, too.

14 The natural course of human evolution on a planet is a grim and animalistic one, dictated by iron laws of ecology. It is natural for human civilizations to develop under the complete control of Theocratic spirits, and to make slow but steady technological progress that eventually allows the living population to increase into the billions. Such a society allows little opportunity for individual freedom or personal psychic development, and most souls that survive for more than a few incarnations do so only by becoming Theocrats.

15 Eventually, human overpopulation begins to destroy the planet's biosphere, and deaths begin to exceed births by hundreds of millions every year. Theocratic bands on the astral plane became larger and larger, and some of them develop minds of their own and turn into Elemental spirits. The Elementals devour most of the Theocrats who are running the civilization, which then collapses, causing the living population to drop even further. At this point, the Elementals depart into space and the whole cycle begins again, unless the planet has been too badly damaged to support human life any more.

16 These Elementals are extremely dangerous to people on other worlds. They have the minds and emotions of predatory animals. Whenever they approach an inhabited planet, they remember devouring human souls as infants and attack this concentrated supply of food. An advanced human civilization with a high level of psychic technology can survive such an attack, but only by fighting a desperate war and suffering heavy casualties. This is why the extraterrestrial spirits are now on Earth: to interfere with this process both for our sake and for their own.

17 If they succeed in winning this War in Heaven, new Gods will be formed instead of destructive Elementals when Earth's population reaches the die-off point; and with luck, a new advanced civilization of individual human beings will also be born.

18 There is very little that ordinary Earth people can do to assist the extraterrestrial spirits in their direct psychic battles with the Theocrats and the Elementals that the latter control. The Invisible College recruits a few advanced magicians to fight in this phase of the War in Heaven, but anyone with enough spiritual knowledge and psychic training to qualify already knew everything in this book before reading it. Most attempts to recruit Earth people to fight in the War in Heaven using operational magic are Theocratic deceptions.

19 What then does the Invisible College want people to do to assist in winning the War in Heaven? The most important thing you can do if you agree with the basic thesis of this book is to ensure your own survival after death, by avoiding all forms of Theocratic mind control and by developing as much conscious control over your psychic powers as you can. Stay away from religious and occult groups that practice religious mind control, and don't become addicted to popular music or the electronic media; but do work with occult or New Age groups that teach people how to take charge of their own spiritual destiny.

20 War In Heaven contains many negative, frightening ideas, but it is essentially a positive book. It is very probable that the Invisible College will win over the Theocrats, and that most of the human race will survive to enter a New Age. The only people who won't survive will be those who die and are swallowed up in Theocratic bands before this happens. The goal of the Spiritual Revolutionary movement is to allow as many people as possible to avoid this fate by spreading the message in this book and helping them to make a breakthrough in consciousness about the nature of spiritual reality.
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31 WiH Appendices
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