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 27 WiH Chapter 27: Toward a General Breakthrough

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1PostSubject: 27 WiH Chapter 27: Toward a General Breakthrough   Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:13 am

WiH Part Four: The Spiritual Revolution

Chapter 27: Toward a General Breakthrough

1 I would like to begin this final part of the book by directly addressing the individual reader. Now that you've read this far, you are in a position to decide for yourself if the basic thesis of War in Heaven is true or false. And if you've already made a firm decision to reject it, you might as well stop here. The rest of the book is intended for readers who either accept most of the theories or are still trying to make up their minds.

2 If you're still with me, you may be saying to yourself, "The author doesn't seem to care very much if readers accept the ideas in his book or not. And this is strange, because he obviously believes his own theories and has done his best to present them logically and to support them with evidence. If he doesn't want the readers to accept his hypothesis as true, what does he want?"

3 Actually, I'm very happy every time I hear from a reader who has given my thesis careful and rational thought and agrees with its essential points. However, I still want to make it clear that War in Heaven is not intended to attract a cult following of people who accept its theories as a rigid ideology. For example, some of the readers who rejected various points in Spiritual Revolution were surprised that I didn't argue with them very vigorously. If I thought they had failed to understand completely what a passage meant, I gave them further explanations, but I didn't try to change their minds by persuasion and emotional pressure.

4 Many readers said something like this: "The theories in your book are logical and internally self-consistent, but I can't find much evidence from my own reading on spiritual subjects to substantiate them. In fact, just about every religious and occult book I've read contains specific refutations of one or more of your contentions. You say that plenty of evidence to support your theories is available in the literature. Can you send me a list of the books that contain it, preferably one that tells what pages the relevant evidence is on?"

5 I have absolutely and categorically refused to do this. One of the ways the Western education system closes people's minds is to convince them that theories or opinions are valid by exposing them to carefully selected and edited pieces of information that look like objective evidence but are actually slanted to support a particular conclusion. This is the exactly the opposite of what the Invisible College wants my writings to do. The purpose of this book is to help people think rationally and without bias about spirituality by challenging their previous viewpoints, whatever those may be, and offering the material I have received from my spirit guides as an alternative.

6 I have sketched out a minimum of evidence to support the theories as I have presented them, but this is not intended to be conclusive proof. Instead, it's just a sample of what the evidence looks like, to assist readers in going out on their own and searching for more. It's this searching process and the passing of value judgments on the evidence found that can help people to make the breakthrough. Here is a dialog with my spirit guides on the subject:

7 A. The Invisible College intends the act of reading War in Heaven to have similar effects to being injected with a weakened disease germ that causes the system to develop antibodies against the disease itself. We really don't care if people consciously reject the theories in our book, because we know that the ideas will sink into the subconscious and may eventually increase resistance to Theocratic propaganda and mind control. The primary purpose of this book is teaching people to think about spirituality in ways that were previously unthinkable.

8 Q. Yes, and it's obvious to me that there's more to making the breakthrough than merely accepting the information about Theocracy and the War in Heaven presented in this book. My personal cosmological beliefs were reasonably close to the theories described in Parts Two and Three for years before I made the breakthrough, and so were my opinions on spiritual politics. I've been calling myself a Spiritual Revolutionary since the Sixties but until 1983, I lacked a theoretical frame of reference for assembling my knowledge and opinions into a coherent explanation that I could use to answer my further questions about spiritual reality.

9 A. You did know much of the information necessary to make the breakthrough, but you didn't know it in a very useful form. The important facts were so mixed with erroneous and irrelevant material that it was impossible for you to recognize what was important and what wasn't. This kept you from using your knowledge to form theoretical conclusions and make value judgments that would have given you a full conscious awareness of the War in Heaven.

10 Q. In other words, I had sufficient information to answer all of my own questions about spiritual reality, but I didn't know I had it. I've been aware all through the writing of this book that one of my major goals is to help the reader avoid the same problem. For every single fact I list, I have to mention several false answers for the sane question that are part of the available knowledge.

11 A. Of course and most of them are deliberate deceptions the Theocrats have planted in people's subconscious minds to keep them from making the breakthrough. The same method of analysis has to be applied to the elements of theory used for interpreting the individual facts into a coherent whole that will answer further questions. Every presently accepted theory about the nature of spiritual reality contains major errors, most of them caused by direct Theocratic deception.

12 However, there is more to making the breakthrough than just encountering the essential facts and theory and concluding it seems to be true on the basis of the available evidence. People who make the complete breakthrough will be able to take the introductory material presented in this book and use it creatively to draw correct conclusions from other information on the subject that they already know or will learn later.

13 Discriminating between true and false spiritual information and theory has to be an intuitive process rather than one performed by the conscious intellect. One has to learn simply to "know" if something is true or false, important or irrelevant. This sounds very abstract in words, but what it really means is that we teach people subconscious mental programs for processing spiritual data logically, and they call the resulting output intuition.

14 We intend that reading War in Heaven will make it easier for certain people to acquire this programming from our telepathic transmissions. For example, if you yourself had read a book like this any time in the late Seventies, you would have made your own breakthrough very quickly and easily. Some people made the breakthrough because of reading Spiritual Revolution, and we hope that this new book will be even more effective. However, we still don't expect the majority of people who read War in Heaven to accept it as true, or the majority of those who accept it to make the breakthrough right away. This book is just one small item in a major campaign by the Invisible College to enable large numbers of Earth people to make the breakthrough within the next few years.

15 The spiritual information appearing in hundreds of different books and songs, often in coded or subliminal forms, is part of our campaign. War in Heaven already identifies some of this literature and music, and we encourage readers to look for more on their own. The search will help them form the subconscious information-processing programs needed to make the breakthrough. We do not intend that War in Heaven supersede all these hundreds of other books just because it contains more explicitly stated information than any one of them. People still need to read the other books to develop the correct patterns of thinking. Even more important, many of these works contain valuable information about Theocracy and other subjects of use to Spiritual Revolutionaries that are not in this book. The two types of books that contain breakthrough-related information - the overt ones, of which War in Heaven is the first, and the subliminal ones - are intended not to compete, but to reinforce one another.

16 However, we also realize that large numbers of people are not going to make the breakthrough simply by reading books. The only way we can reach them is by directly reprogramming their subconscious minds using electronic mind control through recorded music and television, combined with religious mind control at rock concerts and other large gatherings of the right kind of people. This worked very well in the Sixties, and we are now beginning to do it again on an even larger scale.

17 We are also trying to use the New Age spiritual-development groups to help large numbers of people make the breakthrough. There is a major difference between these groups and high-level occult groups. We are preparing people in the New Age movement to make the breakthrough on an intellectual level; in other words, we're teaching them to understand the information that is presented overtly in War in Heaven and subliminally in many other books.

18 By contrast, we intend that people studying in the advanced occult groups make the breakthrough as you have made it: by developing their psychic powers to the point where they can receive the relevant information direct from US. A small number of occultists have been making limited versions of the breakthrough by psychic means every generation for several centuries. Fragments of important information about Theocracy and the War in Heaven appear in many advanced occult books, though often expressed in a form that is extremely difficult to understand. For example, most books by members of the modern occult traditions derived from the old Masons and Rosicrucians use analogies drawn from Judeo-Christianity: both its mainstream and its heresies. There are endless complex references to Holy Guardian Angels, Elohim, Pre-Adamites, Daemons, the Cabalistic Tree of Life, the Logos and the Gnosis, etc. It often takes years for students to learn this complicated mythology, and by the time they've mastered it, they've usually picked up so much egotism and paranoia along the way that they never make the breakthrough in the same sense that you have made it.

19 Conscious Spiritual Revolutionaries who work with such occult groups should try to translate the terms they usually use into the type of analogies and technical terms in this book. The terms in War in Heaven are drawn from modern science instead of from religious and occult tradition, and they describe spiritual realities more accurately than the traditional terminology. They are also much easier to learn and use, because they are internally self-consistent.

20 Occultists, New Agers, and everyone else involved with anti-Theocratic spiritual systems often find it difficult to set aside the beliefs based on faith that their particular system has accidentally borrowed from Theocratic religion when it borrowed useful operational psychic techniques or valid spiritual knowledge. In order to make the complete breakthrough, such people have to become scientific in their approach and not to accept anything but that's not supported by the available evidence. And this can become very frightening for them, because it means they have to dispense with the whole idea of supernatural help and guidance.

21 Once people have made the breakthrough, they can no longer believe that there is a benign, supernatural "Higher Power" out there to help them. There is only the Invisible College, and we are nothing more than a political organization of ordinary human spirits. Even the spirits from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are still not super-human. They too have ordinary human limitations, and are on Earth to serve their own political interests. These interests include encouraging the development of an advanced civilization on this planet, but that's not the same as being a Higher Power as religious people use the term.

22 Alcoholics Anonymous and the other Twelve-Step programs are an excellent example of what we're talking about. The Invisible College has guided this self-help movement since its beginning in the Thirties, and it is now the largest and most important anti-Theocratic spiritual group in existence; but the literature of the Twelve-Step programs still makes extensive use of the word "God" and other Judeo-Christian religious terminology. These programs are extremely effective in helping their members overcome alcoholism, drug addiction, and a wide variety of other emotional and behavioral problems, because their meetings put members into a religious trance and teach them how to reprogram their own minds. The techniques used for doing this reprogramming are the same ones that we taught to the Freemasons and Rosicrucians back during the Age of Enlightenment.

23 Over the years, we have influenced the people who write Twelve-Step literature to start phasing out the word "God" and other religious references, and to insert statements such as "This is a spiritual program, but not a religious program. It works as well for atheists as for conventional religious believers." However, thousands of people every year "experience a spiritual awakening" in one of the Twelve Step programs and then, as soon as their alcoholism or other problems are under temporary control, they drop out of the program and join a Theocratic religious group. On the surface, the atmosphere of emotional support and spiritual power in a Theocratic church is so similar to the atmosphere of an anti-Theocratic spiritual group that only a person who has made the breakthrough can tell the difference.

24 We hope that reading this book will teach members of anti-Theocratic religious and spiritual groups of every kind - Paganism, occultism, the New Age movement, radical and liberal Christian sects, the Twelve-Step programs, etc. - how to tell the difference between groups that use religious mind-control for liberation of the individual and those that use it for enslavement. Conscious Spiritual Revolutionaries should make a special effort to get people involved in such groups to read War in Heaven. (We realize that many members of anti-Theocratic spiritual groups will not be able to understand or accept the ideas in WiH, and that Spiritual Revolutionaries should use their own judgment to decide if a particular person might be receptive.)

25 Right now, the Invisible College is working in three different areas to assist large numbers of people in making the breakthrough. The first involves direct reprogramming of the subconscious minds of people in the present resurgence of the counterculture. This is accomplished through direct telepathic communication with people who are in the correct state of altered consciousness. Drugs and popular music play a major part in this, as in the Sixties. However, this time we are being much more overt about what we are doing. The process is almost entirely subliminal, but we want you and everyone else who is capable of doing so to tell anyone who will listen exactly what is going on.

26 We tried to do this in the Sixties, but almost no one understood our messages completely. Most go no further than, "There's somebody directing all this by telepathy or some other mysterious means, but I don't know who it is." You and quite a few others picked up individual messages very clearly, but weren't able to form a full theoretical understanding of our intentions and methods. This time, we want those of you who have already made the complete breakthrough to tell everyone else what's going on. We have no idea how many will listen, but at least the opportunity will be there.

27 The second area also involves subconscious manipulation. We are trying to influence intellectuals of every type - including many who are not in the counterculture, political underground, or Aquarian Age spiritual movements - into writing and publishing descriptions of the War in Heaven, even though they themselves may not have made the breakthrough. This influence takes many forms, such as encouraging scientific research to gather factual evidence about spiritual phenomena, and inserting oblique references to ideas of the type you have been presenting in this book into fiction and conspiracy books.

28 This book and the overt discussion of Spiritual Revolution that it will cause is the third area. We want the ideas in it to be discussed and taught publicly by many different autonomous groups, each with its own ideological consensus. This will produce a completely different effect on the public from what would be produced if the same work were to be done by the same groups in secret, because people will be expected to learn a number of different viewpoints and synthesize from them in forming their own opinions. The concept of an overt Spiritual Revolutionary movement is discussed further in the next chapter.
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27 WiH Chapter 27: Toward a General Breakthrough
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