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 25 WiH Chapter 25: The Technology War

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1PostSubject: 25 WiH Chapter 25: The Technology War   Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:21 am

1 Q. What are the technological factors that you consider decisive in determining the outcome of the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College?

2 A. The first of these involves biological technology, starting with the development of birth-control pills for females in the early Sixties.

3 Q. It's obvious that the pill, and other methods of birth control, such as condoms and IUDs, have been important to the sexual revolution; but I don't understand why you consider birth-control technology as important as LSD or electronic mind control.

4 A. We're talking only about the pill here, not about birth-control methods in general. Birth-control pills that prevent ovulation by increasing the level of female hormones in the bloodstream to simulate early pregnancy have very important spiritual side effects on the women who take them. Increased estrogen levels stimulate the production of astral energy in the physical body: we mentioned this in Chapter Ten during our discussion of the reincarnation process.

5 Occultists have known throughout history that women find it much easier to gain a certain amount of control over their psychic powers than men do, and the fluctuations of the estrogen level during the menstrual cycle are one of two physiological factors responsible for this. The other is that the majority of women have to learn conscious control over their sexual responses in order to have a full orgasm. Since the Kundalini energy generated during sexual activity simultaneously generates psychic energy, when women learn to control their sexual responses consciously, they are automatically learning to control their psychic senses and powers as well.

6 This is why women have traditionally been regarded as naturally more psychic and magically gifted than men: they actually are, and for physiological reasons. Of course, men can deliberately study sex magic, and also learn to control both their sexual responses and the accompanying psychic responses; but the process is less likely to happen to them spontaneously. And because learning the basic skills of sex magic is extremely important to psychic and spiritual development, such studies have traditionally been an important part of advanced occult training in both the East and the West.

7 Of course, the Theocrats don't like people to gain conscious control over their psychic powers, because this makes them harder to manipulate by subconscious telepathy; so when the Theocrats invented more sophisticated religions to replace primitive shamanism, they included the concepts of patriarchy and male dominance in the doctrines of almost every one of them. Most of the third-stage Theocratic religions excluded women from social and political power, but not from being priestesses or magicians. One very common theme in ancient Greek and Roman literature was women's use of their psychic powers to combat sexism on both the personal and political level. The Theocrats felt that if women were using their psychic abilities to fight against men, it would distract them from discovering and fighting Theocratic mind control. Even more important, these negative uses of magic would eventually give conscious psychic training and practice a bad reputation, so the Theocrats would find it easier to discourage them completely.

8 And this is exactly what happened when the fourth-stage Theocratic religions were introduced. First, women were excluded from all the priestly functions that would teach them conscious control over their psychic powers. Quite naturally, they invented various forms of "women's religion" and continued to learn magic in secret. Then the Theocrats encouraged man to persecute such women for practicing "witchcraft" and "sorcery." This didn't entirely eliminate women's religion - no matter how many times it's been beaten down, it has always risen again because it's a natural way for women to fight back against sexism - but it did allow the Theocrats to greatly curtail the conscious working of magic within the fourth-stage religions.

9 The more the male priests persecuted women for practicing telepathy, mediumship, divination, psychic healing, etc., the more fearful the priests became about learning these "forbidden" skills themselves. Eventually, men who wanted to become conscious psychics or magicians could no longer do it by joining the clergy of the society's official religion. Instead, they were forced to join occult organizations that were persecuted just as much as the women's religious groups were. This is an excellent example of the subtlety and sophistication of fourth-stage Theocratic religion

10 Women's religion has always been present in Western society as a limiting force on patriarchy and male-dominated Theocratic religion, but it has usually been practiced on an entirely subliminal level. Until the last few decades, many women have practiced women's religion, but few have been willing to talk about it openly. The men had control of the armies, the governments, the schools, the businesses, and the churches; and for many centuries the only possible recourse against this overwhelming show of force was passive resistance. Girls were taught by their mothers and other female relatives to develop their psychic powers in secret and to use them, along with more overt forms of sexual and emotional manipulation, for controlling men on an intimate personal level.

11 We believe this passive resistance to sexism was ethically justified, as similar resistance among slaves and prisoners is justified, but it wasn't actually healthy for women to have to do it. As the Invisible College has brought Western Civilization to higher levels during the last couple of centuries, we have encouraged the formation of overt feminist movements. These are much more healthy than passive clandestine resistance, because women are finally fighting directly for the right to assume equal status with men in both privilege and responsibility.

12 Q. How does this tie in with what you said earlier about birth-control pills being one of the most important weapons in the War in Heaven?

13 A. The main reason we encourage the widespread use of female birth-control pills has nothing to do with contraception as an aid in gaining sexual equality. As you pointed out, the pill is just one contraceptive among many, and probably not even the best. However, women who take birth-control pills over long periods of time find it much easier to become highly skilled magicians than women who don't. There is much more to this than just increasing the slight superiority women have over men in psychic sensitivity and the ability to learn sex magic without formal training.

14 When we described electronic mind control in Chapter Fourteen, we mentioned that living people are capable of establishing "threads" of astral matter connecting their souls together. These linkages can be extremely important tools for personal spiritual development and the working of operational magic, and it is much easier for women to form and control them than it is for men. At certain points during the normal menstrual cycle, and especially during early pregnancy, a woman's somatic soul prepares itself to accept an astral soul for early reincarnation. A side effect of the process facilitates the formation of astral-matter links with the souls of other people. This is a factor in human pair-bonding, and it also allows some women to function spontaneously as high-level magicians with very little conscious knowledge or training. Now you should easily see why birth-control pills that simulate early pregnancy are an important factor in the fight against Theocracy.

15 Of course, preparing women physiologically so they can develop their psychic powers more easily is just the first step. We also encourage them to be sexually active so they will start spontaneously learning sex-magic, and then we provide opportunities for more formal training in the Aquarian Age occult and religious groups. (It's only on this third level that men get actively involved by consciously learning sex magic.) One proof that this sexual revolution is of vital importance to the outcome of the War in Heaven is that the Theocrats have taken some extremely drastic measures to counter it - such as the creation of AIDS.

16 Q. I've had an intuitive feeling that AIDS was an artificial disease ever since I first heard of it. Did the Theocrats create it by telepathically instructing the scientists in some secret germ-warfare laboratory?

17 A. No, they used psychokinetic genetic manipulation to alter a relatively harmless African venereal disease virus into the HIV about twenty years ago. (The use of massive amounts of DDT-family insecticides to combat sleeping sickness and other insect-vectored diseases in that part of Africa in the Forties and Fifties made the job easier by putting certain chemicals that facilitate genetic change into people's systems.) The Theocrats were not aware in advance that AIDS would spread faster among male homosexuals than among heterosexuals. However, once they discovered this, they launched a telepathic propaganda campaign to make gays the scapegoat for AIDS.

18 Q. I've noticed that many heterosexuals who used to support gay rights have now changed their minds. I argue that gays are victims in exactly the same sense as the Jews were under the Nazis, but it's very difficult to get people to listen unless they have made the breakthrough. And even some of my correspondents who are consciously aware of Theocracy are so scared of AIDS that they are taking conservative positions on promiscuity and homosexuality.

19 A. Medical science will probably discover at least the beginnings of a means for preventing or treating AIDS within a year or so, but this will turn out to be an extremely mixed blessing. Are you aware that practically all of the research to find a vaccine for AIDS involves genetic engineering, and that the AIDS scare is the chief reason why such research is now being sanctioned and financed on a large scale?

20 Q. Most AIDS researchers interviewed on the news are postulating that a vaccine can be found only by doing gene-splicing on the AIDS virus itself, but I wasn't consciously aware that this research has resulted in a sudden and virtually unpublicized relaxation of the public and governmental resistance to allowing scientists to experiment freely with genetic engineering. However, once you point this out, it's self-evident. Genetic engineering to produce frost-resistant food plants is still controversial; similar research to discover an AIDS vaccine isn't. No one dares to speak up against it.

21 A. We won't suggest that AIDS research involving genetic engineering be curtailed, but our experience on other worlds has shown that genetic-engineering research is potentially much more dangerous than atomic research. It can produce a wider variety of weapons of mass destruction easier and cheaper, and the hazard of accidental release of such weapons is much higher than the risk of accidental nuclear war. For example, imagine what would happen if an immune-system-destroying virus as contagious as the flu virus got into circulation.

22 Also, AIDS and genetic engineering have some extremely frightening political implications, even if the overt use of biological weapons doesn't happen. For example, political reactionaries are already privately conspiring to pressure governments into treating AIDS with "benign neglect" so it will continue seriously threatening sexual liberation. That's one reason why less money and energy is being put into fighting AIDS on the social level than one would expect from the seriousness of the situation.

23 However, AIDS is involved in another right-wing conspiracy that is much less obvious. Reactionaries of the "capitalist-imperialist" persuasion are now plotting to withhold an AIDS vaccine from public distribution as long as possible after it's discovered. This conspiracy is only secondarily targeted on gays and sexually liberated heterosexuals. Primarily, the conspirators want AIDS to spread very deeply into the Third World, so the means of preventing or curing it can eventually be used as a weapon to further First-World interests. And if an AIDS vaccine gets into circulation soon, then these same conspirators will pressure the secret "dirty tricks" departments of First-World governments to release diseases from their biological-warfare arsenals in Third-World countries.

24 Whether the disease involved is AIDS or some other biological agent, the power-brokerage scenario will be the same. Only after the disease has been allowed to infect hundreds of millions of people in the Third World will the advanced Western nations start mass-producing the vaccine to prevent it or the drugs to cure it. The pharmaceutical establishment will produce enough to protect most of the First World's population before they even announce that a defense exists. Then the defense against the disease will be offered to the Third World in a grand humanitarian gesture "freely as it becomes available."

25 However, for several years, it will become available only in amounts sufficient to protect the westernized elites of Third-World countries and the workers who run the machinery of capitalist-imperialist exploitation that supplies the First World with so much raw material and cheap labor. When Third-World governments begin to collapse under the pressure, and the starving, plague-stricken masses destroy their own elites, then the First-World nations will say that they are unable to continue medical aid because of logistical problems, and that there is simply no way to get the medicine to people because of transportation and communications breakdowns. In other words, they will just back off and let millions more people die. After this has happened in a country or two, it will send an unmistakable message to other Third-World governments: "You'd better keep control of your populations and you'd better keep those goods and materials flowing, or else."

26 And if Third-World countries started resisting with a massive campaign of terrorism, as they undoubtedly would, then this same system of medical power brokerage, bribery, and blackmail could be used to make them fight among themselves. For example, the U.S. government might announce. "There's so much hostility against our sincere humanitarian efforts - especially these vicious lies that the plague itself was created in American germ-warfare laboratories (laboratories, which, by the way, don't even exist) - that we've decided we can no longer offer direct medical aid to the following countries. Instead, we will provide extra medical and transportation supplies to the following countries, and they are now responsible for assisting the countries on the first list." The reality wouldn't be that simplistic, but this gives a general idea how it could be done.

27 Q. I assume you are telling me about this plot so I can spread the word and hope that enough opposition develops to prevent it from being carried out.

28 A. Of course. But don't expect the plotters to give up just because a few people know what they're doing. This is just one example of a general campaign by fifth-stage Theocrats to make nuclear war more likely by causing political upheavals all over the world. They hope that if they can cause enough turmoil, we won't be able to maintain the nuclear stalemate.

29 Q. I assume that these same Theocrats are trying to get nuclear weapons into the hands of terrorists and irresponsible governments as well.

30 A. This is true. But they also have a major campaign underfoot to eventually cause a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union through the Star Wars program.

31 Q. Many leftists are saying that the existence of Star Wars defenses might tempt politicians into a nuclear first strike, but I don't consider this especially probable. I assume both sides will achieve parity in developing Star Wars system just as they have maintained it in offensive nuclear weapons for decades now, so I really don't see how it makes the nuclear stalemate less stable.

32 A. Like biological engineering, the technologies being developed for the Strategic Defense Initiative are potentially much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Are you aware that the very name is a lie, and that defense against missiles is only a cover for the program's real purpose?

33 Q. I've always suspected this, but I don't have sufficient technical knowledge to explain exactly why I think the idea of shooting down nuclear missiles with rays and lasers is impractical.

34 A. Your intuition is correct. Destroying ICBMs in mid-flight with lasers and similar weapons is theoretically possible, but highly impractical under combat conditions. If the energy beam were very narrow, it would be extremely difficult for it to hit a target only a few feet across at a distance of thousands of miles. If the beam were more diffuse, it might not be able to destroy missiles, especially if they had protective casings to resist such attacks. The idea that Star Wars is intended as a missile defense is just propaganda to get political support. In reality, the "Strategic Defense Initiative" is mostly a program to develop offensive weapons. Its primary goal is to do basic research on lasers, magnetic pulses, and other forms of coherent radiation. The purpose of such weapons is disruption of the enemy's electronic equipment.

35 Q. When I hear the words "electronic disruption," I think of the best selling science-fiction novel Warday, co-written by Whitley Strieber. The book is set a few years after the USA and USSR fought a limited nuclear war which didn't destroy much of the population or industry of either country, but did destroy all electronic devices using computer chips. This universal electronic disruption was accomplished with EMP weapons: specialized nuclear bombs that generate coherent electromagnetic pulses. It turned both of the superpowers into second-rate nations, leaving Japan and the Western European countries in control of the world. The authors also assume that neither the United States nor the Soviet Union was able to recover economically or militarily.

36 I didn't find either assumption particularly plausible. Both superpowers are certainly doing major research to develop EMP weapons, but I've never seen any serious speculation by scientists that high-altitude EMPs could fry every computer chip on an entire continent without also destroying the target country with blast and radiation effects. And history has proven over and over that both Americans and Russians are tougher and more resourceful in adversity than Warday postulates. I really couldn't figure out what the point of the novel was supposed to be, but I assume you dictated the ideas for it into the authors' minds, so please tell me what you intended.

37 A. We are really not that worried about EMP weapons. They would cause a great deal of electronic disruption if used, but they would be dropped only within the context of a nuclear war. They are, after all, nuclear weapons. So they really don't affect the nuclear stalemate, and we are reasonably certain that our influence on Earth is now strong enough to maintain that stalemate indefinitely.

38 What worries us about Star Wars is something entirely different: we are quite afraid of electronic-disruption weapons that are not triggered by a nuclear explosion. Technology on Earth is reasonably close to being able to produce such weapons, though their actual development would require a great deal of expensive research. However, once the technology itself were discovered, the weapons themselves would be reasonably easy and cheap to build. They could fall into the hands of terrorists and Third World governments much more easily than nuclear weapons, and could seriously upset the balance of power between the superpowers that prevents nuclear war.

39 Q. This warning explains my instinctive aversion for Star Wars, and I hope the politicians decide to scrap the SDI program. But I still feel extremely uneasy about this and the other things you've told me in the last few chapters. You say you feel optimistic about the future of the human race on Earth, but it's obvious this world is a time bomb ticking toward an inevitable explosion. It looks as if the predictions of Nostradamus will come true, and the world will end with the twentieth century.

40 A. The very fact that we could make the prediction centuries in advance is evidence that we know what we're doing, isn't it? We'll continue discussing this subject in the next chapter.
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25 WiH Chapter 25: The Technology War
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