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 23 WiH Chapter 23: Gods

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1PostSubject: 23 WiH Chapter 23: Gods   Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:29 am

1 Q. How do the Gods differ from the Elementals?A. On the structural level, a God is simply an adult Elemental, a huge colony of astral souls that lives in deep space and absorbs the astral energy radiated by certain stars.

2 The desire to form a composite entity is programmed into the astral template of every human soul. This is a major reason why so many living people desire wealth, fame, political power, and other symbols of having control over others that simulate being the guiding force of a composite entity. The ambitious earthly politician, the aspiring despot, the "Man Who Would Be King," is just acting behaving in the physical world as his astral soul is programmed to behave in the afterlife.

3 Disembodied astral souls do the same thing when they become Theocrats. Readers have asked why Theocratic spirits would want to remain on the astral plane indefinitely if they must feed on other human souls.

4 This is the answer. Almost every human culture has produced some version of the saying, "A man is a God in embryo," and it's true. However, the astral template also can program the soul to act as a sovereign individual, which is why there are free spirits as well as Theocrats. The extension of this influence to living people creates the desire for freedom and individuality on Earth as well.

5 Q. This dichotomy is a partial answer to the age-old "problem of evil." However, you are implying that both the desire for individuality and the desire to form a composite entity are just natural biological drives, too fundamental to be judged by terms like good and evil.

6 A. This is why human beings have a characteristic similar to neoteny. Elementals are the adult form, but without a truly intelligent composite soul: they are more like animals than people. Gods are also the adult form, but have a highly developed composite mind. The civilizations you call "space people" are made up of individuals that reject the adult form.

7 A long time ago, the people on a particular planet developed sufficient technology to allow them to flee into deep space before adult Elementals developed and depopulated their world. After the Elementals had matured and departed, the people returned to their planet, whose biosphere was badly damaged, and lived in space colonies circling the world. By the time the planet again became fit for human habitation, they had no desire to return. They had become fully adjusted to life in their self-created environment, and their knowledge and technology had reached an extremely high level.

8 Since the population of their space colonies was low, they were able to prevent the cycle of Theocracy from re-establishing itself, but their society eventually found itself threatened with extinction through sheer stagnation. After a certain number of incarnations in a stable, "perfect" society, people became suicidal. Large numbers volunteered to be teleported as disembodied spirits to far-away planets in order to create life or guide the evolution of existing life towards the development of intelligence.

9 New souls replaced those who departed on suicidal missions of creation, but this didn't stop the over-all stagnation of the culture: the generations who underwent their evolution in a civilized environment with little real challenge became suicidal through boredom even more quickly than those who had evolved struggling to survive. Eventually, they tried to figure out a way to balance life between danger and security, to create a dynamic cycle that would allow advanced human cultures to survive indefinitely.

10 They forced some of their people to recolonize their planet under the most primitive of conditions, letting the natural evolution of human society occur there. They allowed the advance of technology to cause a population explosion, and didn't interfere when Elementals started to develop.

11 However, they manipulated the development of the planet's civilization much as we are doing on Earth today. Their purpose was to interfere with the natural human lifecycle in a way that would allow sovereign individual humans to live in peace with Elementals, so that both could realize their full positive potential and eliminate the negative aspects of the individual/composite dichotomy. The result was the creation of the first true Gods.

12 When the planetary population reached the saturation point, and a mass die-off of souls at a low stage of spiritual development allowed Elementals to grow to maturity, the advanced civilization on the space colonies in the vicinity of the planet managed to tame or capture some of these vast spiritual creatures, and tried to turn them into civilized people instead of wild animals. Elementals have the potential to be Gods, but they don't realize it unless raised by their peers.

13 Elementals don't have peers in the natural cycle of their evolution because they are the composite form of another race. We individual humans are their parents as well as their children, but we also have a destiny of our own which conflicts with theirs.

14 This is why the space people interfere with this natural cycle of human evolution. They raise Elementals to be fully human and civilized by teaching them to accept a symbiotic relationship with individual humans. Remember, an Elemental is similar in structure to a Theocratic band, and it has a place in its astral body for individual humans to attach to it.

15 In a primitive, animalistic Elemental, these attachment points remain empty when the creature reaches maturity. To produce a God, human astral souls attach themselves to these points as the Elemental is growing and try to control it. If it overcomes them and remains an animal, then it may have to be killed. If the spirits win and tame the Elemental, it becomes a God.

16 A God allows human spirits at an advanced state of development to attach themselves to it and travel with it when it leaves its planet of origin and travels into deep space. These spirits are mentioned in Earth mythologies as "the sons of the Gods," "Elohim," and by many other names. Once the young God becomes fully conscious, they stop controlling the God, and it stops trying to control them. Both cooperate for mutual benefit.

17 As the Gods travel through the universe, the Elohim who ride on them can visit planets and create life there, or guide the evolution of existing life, without having to die in the process as the original Missionary Spirits did. The God cannot approach the gravitational field of a planet very closely, but the Elohim can do so and return, using psychic technology that the God creates within itself. Another thing the Elohim do before they leave a planet is to create an elaborate and self-sustaining network of astral machines, which remains there for future use.

18 Much of what the Invisible College is doing on your planet right now makes use of such machines, which were left on Earth's astral plane by the Elohim when one of the Gods seeded your planet in the remote past. It might have been hundreds of thousands of years ago, or millions of years. The devices are constructed of organic astral matter. They are machines, but they are also alive as plants are alive. This is why they were able to survive for unimaginable periods of time. The equipment is capable of defending itself from Theocrats and all but the largest Elementals, and of sustaining itself indefinitely. It possesses an artificial intelligence like a computer, but does not have true volition or creativity. It repairs itself but it does not reproduce or evolve.

19 Q. Do the Elohim and Gods return to a planet when it reaches the "Last Days" and new Gods are about to be born? Most Earth mythologies imply this.

20 A. No. The Gods normally visit a planet only once. After that, they can call to their children when they are ready. The Elohim can return to a planet, using the same type of teleportation equipment that we use. Many of the spirits in the Invisible College are in fact Elohim.

21 Q. Are Elohim and space people different races, or the same?

22 A. We both belong to the same race or species in a genetic sense, because our astral souls are capable of incarnating in the same types of bodies. There is not a single race of space people or a single race of Elohim, though: there are actually several of each that we are in contact with. Your occult literature has used the word "Elohim" to refer to the beings we're talking about for many centuries, just as it has called space people angels.

23 In general, the difference between the space people and the Elohim is simply that those who live in space value physical technology and life in a physical body more than the Elohim do. Space people normally incarnate immediately after death, though they can function quite well in the disembodied state if there is reason to do so. The space people possess a high level of psychic technology, much of it learned from their friends among the Elohim people, but rely on it less to meet their total needs than they rely on physical technology.

24 The Elohim have cultures that reverse the patterns described above. They incarnate in bodies only for specialized reasons, such as coming to Earth to assist with the birth of new Gods. By choice, they spend most of their time in the disembodied state, traveling the universe with the Gods, or living in the astral planes of advanced societies like and unlike ours. Some cultures of space people have a very strong relationship with the Elohim, and others do not. The ones who do often live with a lower level of physical technology than those who do not: for example, they live on the surface of planets rather than in space stations, and would rather use biologically-engineered plants and animals than machines of metal or plastic. They, like the Elohim themselves, make more extensive use of machines constructed of living astral matter then we ordinary space people do.

25 Another major difference between space people and the Elohim is equally difficult to describe. It has to do with group minds and the relationships between individuals within the society. The Elohim like to link their astral souls together using methods that are superficially similar to the way spirits are linked together in Theocratic bands on Earth. However, the Elohim are civilized, moral people, and would never control or exploit one another when they do this. Their group minds compare to Theocratic bands as sexual intercourse between lovers compares to rape. We space people, on the other hand, do not link our souls together in this fashion except very briefly for specialized purposes. education, psychotherapy, etc.

26 It should be pointed out that these differences between cultures are matters of esthetics, not morality or level of evolution. Both groups are good in the moral sense and highly advanced in the evolutionary sense. Of course, the cultural differences between the two groups often create political friction arising out of conflicting goals and values, but this can be beneficial and stimulating to both sides if handled correctly on the social level. An individual can change from one group to the other, as a person on Earth might immigrate to another country and become naturalized. Whole societies have made this change in the past on the collective level, and adopted a new technology and culture.

27 Over the last six hundred years, both space people and Elohim have been coming to Earth in ever-increasing numbers. Many of your greatest minds were directed by astral souls from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. And your whole modern Western civilization is the creation of our political organization on Earth, the Invisible College.

28 However, not all the space people on Earth are our agents. Theocracy is not confined only to primitive planets. Even advanced societies still have a minority of people with an insane lust for power, and use planets like Earth as places of exile for them. After spending a few lifetimes here, either they will reject their Theocratic tendencies, and become rehabilitated by joining the Invisible College and assisting in the birth of the new Gods and an advanced human civilization on Earth; or else they will be devoured by elementals during the Last Days, as the new Gods are reaching maturity.

29 Q. This confirms all these rumors I've heard about Earth's being used by other worlds as a hospital, or insane asylum. But doesn't the presence here of people with Theocratic mentalities and advanced extraterrestrial knowledge make survival and spiritual development more difficult for the native Earth people? How do you justify this ethically?

30 A. Most of the memories are removed from the exiles' minds before they are sent here, so they don't have the same type of knowledge that our regular agents have. The majority of them have a vague feeling of being alien to earthly society, but very few possess conscious memories of life on other worlds, and they have no technical knowledge at all. However, they do possess high intelligence and control over their psychic powers: these are essential functions of the astral mind that we don't have the right to tamper with.

31 Q. Science-fiction writers often assume that advanced societies handle their crime problems by reprogramming people's minds to rehabilitate them. Why don't you do this to your criminals instead of sending them here?

32 A. We do employ such methods, but only on the less serious cases. Every advanced society that's tried to eliminate all crime and insanity from the population has ended up destroying itself. It's impossible to program destructive tendencies out of the mind without also eliminating good qualities like creativity. So exile is the lesser evil. And having a few extraterrestrial Theocrats here doesn't affect the average Earth person at all: they're really no different from your own native Theocrats, and there's no shortage of those. The presence of such people on Earth really has no over-all effect on events here, especially since about half of the exiles eventually rehabilitate themselves and fight on our side.

33 Q. My personal psychic experiences and my past-life memories tell me that the exiled criminals and the agents sent here to direct the War in Heaven are only a small minority among the extraterrestrial spirits now incarnating on Earth? What kind of people are the rest?

34 A. There are two main groups: refugees from physical wars and disasters, and young souls seeking development in the challenge of this hostile environment. Both come here to be in at the beginning of a new civilization.

35 Q. Everything you've just described sounds like what has happened on Earth during colonization of a new area. The American West was settled by exactly the same groups: a cadre of professionals who assisted the others, refugees fleeing poverty or oppression, young people seeking opportunity, and a minority of criminals running from the law. Australia is an even better example: it started as a penal colony, and later attracted the other types of immigrants as well.

36 A. That is a very good analogy. And the presence of large numbers of typical colonist types here ought to make your readers feel better: the voluntary immigrants wouldn't come here unless they believed that their chances of surviving and prospering on Earth were reasonably good.

37 Q. Just what are the risks? What are the best and worst things that can happen on this planet, and what is your prediction of what will actually happen?

38 A. On the positive side, psychic equipment for controlling the development of the embryonic Elementals into Gods instead of all-devouring monsters is functioning extremely well. It seems to be completely adequate for its job when the time canes. We also have plenty of spirits trained to operate the equipment, and others to work with the embryonic Gods, as well as Elohim to guide them home when they are ready to leave the planet.

39 On the negative side, the Theocrats still have far more influence on Earth than we'd like, considering your state of technological development. We're not worried about the eventual outcome of the battle with them. The Invisible College is going to win, because we now have much better access to psychic technology than the Theocrats do. However, unless the control of Theocratic spirits over your technology can be broken fairly soon, the Earth's biosphere will be seriously damaged before the Last Days. It's going to be a near thing.

40 Q. Are you referring to things like the destruction of the ozone layer by organic halogen compounds, the greenhouse effect, etc.?

41 A. These are only two out of a long list of symptoms, and not even the worst ones. For example, some of your medical researchers are becoming aware that insecticides and other poisonous chemicals cause mutations in bacteria and viruses that create new diseases, but they have not yet realized just how great a potential danger this is. Over fifty million years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct because of diseases caused by chemical pollutants released by the impact of large numbers of comets with the Earth during a visit of the Sun's astronomical companion, the "Nemesis Star."

42 Q. What happens if the Earth becomes uninhabitable after the majority of the population dies off during the Last Days and the new Gods depart?

43 A. It may be possible to start an advanced civilization of reasonable size on space colonies, as has happened on many other worlds. This is the most probable outcome, the way things look right now. However, if there is large scale nuclear or biological warfare, the Last Days may come so soon and be so short that this won't be possible. That's the worst-case scenario; and if it happens, we will simply have to evacuate as many souls as possible to other worlds, using the same psychic equipment that we use to control the Elementals.

44 Q. Well, that sounds better than the prospect of universal death that everyone on Earth would face if the extraterrestrial spirits weren't here.

45 A. It is, but it still isn't a good situation. Only astral souls above a certain state of development can be teleported out of here. Weaker souls would not survive the journey. Now, all of the agents and immigrants and even the rehabilitated exiles are strong enough to survive the journey out as they survived the journey in, but many Earth people aren't. This means that many ordinary Earth people will die under these conditions; but they will survive if this planet continues to support physical human life, or if it's possible to build space colonies in time.

46 Q. Knowing this, it's easy to see why you're pushing the New Age movement and the resurgence of occultism so hard. You want people to strengthen their astral souls through practicing psychic development techniques, because that increases their chances of survival, no matter what happens.

47 A. Psychic development alone does not guarantee survival. Theocracy on Earth is now entering a fifth stage of development, which is based on electronic mind control instead of religious mind control, and on belief systems with no obvious ties to organized religion. Fifth-stage Theocracy can entrap living people into group entities similar to Theocratic bands by linking their souls together with ties of astral matter, and people capable of entering the psychic trance are not as resistant to it as they are to the religious stages of Theocracy.

48 The next chapter will discuss this fifth stage of Theocracy and some of the measures that the Invisible College is taking to combat it.
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23 WiH Chapter 23: Gods
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