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 21 WiH Part Three: The Second Breakthrough Chapter 21: Hitch-Hiking Spirits

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1PostSubject: 21 WiH Part Three: The Second Breakthrough Chapter 21: Hitch-Hiking Spirits   Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:40 am

WiH Part Three: The Second Breakthrough

Chapter 21: Hitch-Hiking Spirits

1 A. It is now time for the Invisible College to tell Earth people the whole truth about the nature of spiritual beings, especially the basic cosmology about the origin and destiny of the human soul. We told you to leave the material in the next few chapters out of Spiritual Revolution because we did not want to describe certain things we intend to do in the future before we were fully prepared to do them. These technical preparations have now been completed. Our psychic network for fighting Theocracy is now in place and already exchanging fire with the enemy, so it's now safe to tell more.

2 Jeffry Goodman's "hitch-hiking spirits" theory is a good way to begin.

3 Q. The "hitch-hiking spirits" theory described in The Genesis Mystery is actually quite vague. For example, Goodman doesn't try to explain the ultimate origin of organic life, but deals mostly with the development of modern human beings out of pre-humans. When I read the book, I assumed that if his interventionist theory of evolution is valid at all, it should apply to the entire course of evolution, including the creation of life itself.

4 Many of the modern biochemical experiments that have tried to simulate the creation of life out of non-living matter have shown that the probabilities of its happening by chance alone are so low that it's reasonable to dismiss this theory as invalid. I have assumed for a long time that spiritual beings intervened in the creation of life on Earth, as well as in the creation of modern humans. However, this raises several additional questions.

5 How did these spirits get here, and why would they want to travel to planets without organic life? You have already explained that the soul is nourished on energy from the body and that spirits have to incarnate or they will starve, so why would they go to a place where they couldn't survive?

6 A. Ordinary human spirits don't do it deliberately. Some advanced civilizations have a form of rapid interstellar travel that makes it possible for disembodied spirits to travel from one world to another at speeds much faster than the speed of light. When they get to their destination, they incarnate there. However, such interstellar travel by spirits involves risks, and they sometimes get lost in transit and end up on a planet other than the one they intended to visit. If the equipment needed to project spirits over interstellar distances does not exist there, they are marooned. If spirits find themselves marooned on a planet devoid of life, they eventually die, unless other spiritual beings are able to rescue them. This will be discussed further later.

7 Q. The universe consists almost entirely of empty space. Don't most of the marooned spirits end up in interstellar space, with only a very few landing on planets at all?

8 A. No, the interstellar transportation process doesn't work like that. Travel can occur only if there is a large mass of physical matter at the other end. However, the spirit will still pass through the process even if the mass isn't the one intended as its destination.

9 Q. I assume that marooned spirits use their psychic powers to start creating organic life, even though they realize they won't survive long enough to benefit from the process.

10 A. Yes. There's a lot more to it than that. We gave a very incomplete version earlier to you and to others on your planet when we said that some advanced civilizations of the past have had a sort of religion that encouraged people to go around the universe creating organic life on every planet that was geologically ready for it. This is a true statement as far as it goes, but what we didn't mention is that such civilizations were very different from ours, as different as a colony of social insects such as bees or ants is from a herd of horses or a pack of wolves.

11 We also mentioned that the civilizations that sent out such original missions of creation seemed to be enemies of the civilizations ancestral to our own, and that our ancestors were partly responsible for. driving them away, but we didn't tell the full story. Let's leave this subject for a later chapter, and continue describing how spirits create organic life on planets that are ready for it and then guide the process of evolution until intelligent beings develop.

12 However, we should point out that everything we say about the origin and evolution of life on Earth is just scientific speculation. We're reasonably sure it's accurate, but it's not based on detailed historical records.

13 Q. Why don't you have access to the histories of all the advanced civilizations going back millions of years? Surely all such societies would have sophisticated equipment for storing information, better than our present computers here on Earth, so my assumption would be that information about all of them would be easy to obtain. Even if civilizations are always rising and falling, communication between them should ensure that history and other information gets passed along. After all, we Earth people, primitive as we are, still possess many important written records of our own vanished civilizations.

14 A. Well, you have a few written records from the ancient Greeks, Hindus, Chinese, etc., but there are still huge gaps in your knowledge. For example, what percentage of the ancient Greek poems, plays, histories, and scientific works that you know the titles and authors of (from references in surviving works) have been lost?

15 Q. I can't even guess at the figures, but I get your point. Much more has been lost than has survived. Does the same apply to electronic data storage as used by advanced civilizations, then? I'm surprised that such people have not worked out methods of storing information for very long periods of time.

16 A. Advanced civilizations don't use electronic computers, nor do they store much of their data in durable physical forms equivalent to books, photographic film, sound recordings, etc. The equipment they use to store and process information is made of living organic matter and is relatively fragile, so it's not that hard for specific historical knowledge to be lost. Also, the symbolic systems for storing data are neither alphabetic nor digital, but are versions of the system used for memory storage in the human brain. Such systems are extremely complex, and translation from one system to another is often very difficult.

17 As long as a particular civilization is viable, it retains the information that the people in it want to retain. If it breaks up, the souls of the people who survive the break-up go to other civilizations, which have their own history, their own store of information they consider valuable. So specific information about a particular planet is often not available.

18 Q. While we're talking about the remote past, what about the creation of the universe?

19 A. The universe is cyclical. It really doesn't have a beginning or an end. The Big Bang theory, which most of your scientists now accept as proven, is valid; but it's just one component of a Steady State theory that operates on a larger scale. There is another parallel part of the universe which is contracting toward a Big Crunch at the point where/when Earth astronomers observe evidence of the Big Bang. That part of the universe is composed of anti-matter and time flows backwards there.

20 The "heat death" points in our own part of the universe, the points where particles of matter lose all their energy and motion, are also the points at which particles become anti-matter and pass into the other part of the universe to start falling towards the Big Crunch.

21 In other words, the universe didn't really have an origin at all. There wasn't a point in time when the universe didn't exist, because the very definition of time is as a measurement of changes in matter and energy. Therefore, time cannot exist unless matter and energy also exist. It is simply a dimension as length, breadth, and height are dimensions; and this makes it part of the universe, not something independent of it.

22 Now, let's get back to our discussion of the creation and evolution of life by saying that the astral souls of all intelligent beings contain a template for the DNA molecule and all the precursor chemicals that compose it. If the surface waters of an Earth-like planet are close to the correct temperature and have the right chemicals dissolved in them, disembodied spirits with the proper technical knowledge can create life by psychokinesis alone. There is no need to visit planets in space-ships and "seed" them physically.

23 Q. Is this organic life always of the same type as on Earth? In other words, is DNA as we know it the basis for all life in the universe?

24 A. No, there are other kinds of organic life on the surfaces of other kinds of planets, and also non-organic forms who live in the interiors of stars, comets, gas-clouds, and other bodies of matter. They all have different kinds of souls, composed of different kinds of astral matter, and there is almost no communication between the different kinds of life.

25 Q. Why is this? Can't they communicate telepathically, even if a soul from one type of environment can't incarnate in a body from another?

26 A. This is barely possible but not really feasible, because the different types of organic and astral life use very different kinds of symbols to communicate, and also think at different rates of speed.

27 Q. This sounds similar to a problem that people here on Earth can have with electronic computers. It's often difficult to exchange data between two computers because they have different kinds of processing units, internal clock speeds, or software. However, it's almost always possible to design additional hardware and software that will allow data exchanges between the two computers. Can't advanced human civilizations invent equipment for communicating with these other forms of life?

28 A. Your analogy doesn't really apply. All of your computers were designed by and for human beings. The common denominator between two different computers is the person who understands both. There is no such common denominator between people and vastly different forms of intelligent life.

29 Q. Please continue explaining how intelligent life is created. Especially, I'd like to know more about the relationship between the body and the soul.

30 A. The human astral soul is both an alien parasite or symbiote, and a natural part of a human being. All mammals have astral souls, but the astral soul of a human being is extremely different from the astral soul of an ape. Human beings were radically altered by psychokinetic genetic manipulation to become physically different from other apes. The brain, the hands, the sense organs, the general musculature, and the organs used in standing and walking erect are all very different in humans than they are in apes. However, the scientists who recently started mapping the DNA structure of anthropoid apes found it much more similar to that of humans from what they had expected.

31 And when genetic science begins to learn the details of how random mutations usually change the DNA structure, the scientists will discover that the genetic differences between apes and humans don't fit the usual patterns. They'll realize that the particular loops in the DNA molecule that causes the genetic differences between people and apes have an artificial or alien look to them. That's because they actually are artificial: changes made by spirits from other worlds that were familiar with genetic patterns different from those on Earth.

32 The somatic soul of the human species was genetically altered just as radically as the body, and is also very different from the somatic soul of an ape. The human somatic soul's nervous system is much more highly developed for transmitting and using astral energy, and the attachment point for the astral soul is much more highly developed. This attachment point allows any human astral soul to incarnate, including those used to incarnating in bodies very different from human bodies on Earth. In other words, there is a sort of standardization among human-type bodies on many different worlds to allow them to be linked to a wide variety of astral souls. There are often problems of astral tissue-compatibility if body and soul are too different, but it is still possible for many different types of astral souls from many different worlds to incarnate on Earth.

33 One of the chief characteristics of intelligent beings compared with similar non-intelligent beings is that both the body and the astral soul show strong evidence of neoteny. For example, many scientists on Earth have noticed that an adult human being retains many physical characteristics found in an anthropoid ape during infancy or childhood, but lost as it matures.

34 When a neotenous salamander like an axolotl retains its gills while becoming sexually mature, the resulting neotenous adult is physiologically more primitive, meaning that there is less specialization of the tissues and organs than in a normal adult of the same species. Human beings are physiologically more primitive than other large primates such as gorillas, baboons, or chimpanzees. This is especially true of the voluntary musculature. It is well known that all the great apes far exceed human beings in relative strength, because of differences in the muscle structure. Notice too that there's a marked gender-difference in humans in muscle structure as well. The adult female, with her smoother voluntary muscles and a more extensive layer of subcutaneous fat, is more primitive and more neotenous than the adult male.

35 Q. Yes, and I've also read that all human embryos start out as somatically female, and that a fetus with an XY chromosome develops male characteristics later.

36 A. Many technologically advanced races of people use genetic engineering (modification of the genes before conception) and biological engineering (modification of the body during embryological development by the use of hormones and other chemicals) to repress the development of the secondary sexual characteristics and to increase the neotenous characteristics. This is why so many dreams and visions of space people show them as rather androgynous.

37 Q. What is the advantage in neoteny? What do Earth people gain from not being as strong as the other great apes? And why would advanced people want to be weaker still?

38 A. There are three reasons why humans living under primitive conditions were genetically engineered to have less sheer muscular strength than ordinary apes. The first is that if the process is properly done, they gain considerably in co-ordination and are much better at doing delicate manipulations with their hands. Second, having less muscular strength stimulates people's intellectual development by encouraging them to use tools and develop technology. The third reason is that neoteny significantly slows down the maturation and aging process, giving people more time to develop their minds than animals have. Since humans are physically immature and dependent on others for so long while they are growing up, this also gives them an opportunity to learn many things from their elders that they might not learn if they became independent adults sooner.

39 Advanced human civilizations inhibit the secondary sexual characteristics and certain kinds of muscular development even more, for exactly the same reasons. They gain a longer lifespan, better general health, and physical equality between the genders; and they lose very little, because they don't need great physical strength nearly as much as they need good balance, agility, and coordination. If such a body is kept in good general muscle tone, it has greater endurance against fatigue than a more heavily-muscled body and is more resistant to many kinds of injuries. Also, most advanced human societies reproduce entirely by ectogenesis, so there is no need for people to be capable of ordinary mammalian reproduction.

40 Q. Some readers will interpret that last sentence as implying that advanced human societies have eliminated sex entirely. I know this isn't true because of my past life memories, but you still should explain the subject further.

41 A. Most advanced societies have separated sexuality from reproduction. Why create the human body by having it grow inside an adult as a parasite, when it can be grown much more efficiently in an artificial environment? Notice the paradoxical attitude that so many Earth women have about bearing children: on one hand, they know the future of the human race may depend on it, but on the other, they also know it's damaging to the body and seriously interferes with other aspects of adult life. Especially, pregnancy and child rearing are ready-made excuses for placing women in an inferior social status.

42 However, sexuality itself still exists in all advanced human societies for emotional, social, and psychic reasons. The androgynous people you see in your dreams are all sexually functional males or females. On the average, advanced humans tend to be more sexually active than primitive humans, because their physical and mental health are better, and because they don't have to work as hard for basic survival.

43 Q. This explains a lot of things I've guessed and wondered about all my life. Now, please try to tell us the whole truth about "gods" and the original creation of human beings. I'd especially like to get a more detailed explanation of the fragmentary messages I've gotten over the years asserting that the human astral soul is a parasite or symbiote. Do godlike beings actually exist, and if so, why have you been so insistent all the time I've been writing this book that I say they don't exist?

44 A. We thought we had already explained why many Earth people have an instinctive feeling that the soul is an "alien parasite" attached to the body, but we'll try to make it clearer. The somatic soul of a human being contains many structures not found in the souls of other primates. Some of these produce a form of neoteny in the body; others could cause the brain to develop into a high-quality bio-computer; and still others allow astral souls of many different types to incarnate in human bodies. This gives many people the feeling that there is something alien about the soul.

45 The reason we said earlier that gods don't exist is that the statement is completely true in the context in which we were using it. Throughout human history on Earth, some spirits have pretended to be gods, using a definition of the term that allows them to rule over human beings without being accountable for their actions. These definitions assert that gods are greatly superior to humans in wisdom and morality, encouraging people to let deities deny them their rights to consent of the governed.

46 However, the human spirits making these claims are simply lying. They are not superior to ordinary people except in possessing certain forms of knowledge and power; and in moral terms they are significantly inferior because their very existence depends on enslaving and exploiting living people and other disembodied spirits. Since pretending to be gods is one of the chief sources of Theocratic power, we have had to attack it very strongly in Part Two.

47 Now it is time for us to look at spiritual reality from an even larger perspective, and to deal with the idea that intelligent beings greater than humans actually exist. There are two types, "elementals" and "gods," and we will start describing them in the next chapter. However, let us end this chapter by saying that everything we've said previously about gods and human rights still stands. The elementals and gods we are about to describe are still not morally superior to humans, and it is our duty - the duty of advanced human civilizations on other worlds and people on Earth as well - to stand up to these beings and demand our rights as sovereign individuals.
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21 WiH Part Three: The Second Breakthrough Chapter 21: Hitch-Hiking Spirits
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