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 20 WiH Chapter 20: The Aquarian Age

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1PostSubject: 20 WiH Chapter 20: The Aquarian Age   Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:49 am

1 Q. I've never believed in astrology, so I've always felt a little uncomfortable using terms like "Aquarian Age." Why did you let it get started in the first place?

2 A. We had nothing to do with putting this term into common use. However, once large numbers of people started using it entirely on their own, we invented our own mythology around the rudiments of the Aquarian Age story and have been transmitting it telepathically into the subconscious minds of many different people. It now appears in messages channeled to the New Agers, in popular song lyrics, and many different places in fiction and poetry.

3 First, here's the basic astrological myth about the Aquarian Age. The Age just ending was called the Piscean Age, after the constellation of Pisces, the Fishes. It's an appropriate name, because this was the Age of Christianity, which has the fish as one of its symbols because in the Greek that the early Christians spoke, the word for "fish" is also an acronym for the phrase "Jesus, the Anointed One, God's Son, the Savior." And the Age just beginning is called the Aquarian Age after the constellation of Aquarius, which represents a human being pouring water out of a jar.

4 Now, here's our supplemental mythology about the Aquarian Age, which centers on the concept of "water." In this context, Water symbolizes spiritual power. During the Piscean Age, the human race on Earth resembled an enormous school of fish: they were utterly dependent on the water, and had very little control over it. They simply lived in it and hoped to survive.

5 The New Age symbol is the human being taking control of the water, which also represents spiritual power. However, if you take a closer look at the astronomical mythology represented by the constellations, you'll see that the water poured out by the Water Carrier is the source of the great celestial river, the constellation Eridanus which runs from the celestial equator far down in the southern sky. This huge outpouring of spiritual power represents several things we'll cover in Part Three: the apocalyptic events that will free the human race on this planet from Theocracy, and the birth of new gods.

6 Q. It's details like this that I need for the book, even if they're not directly connected to the point being discussed: they prove that there's an external creative intelligence behind many of the intuitive flashes that inspire people to create modern mythologies.

7 A. Another example concerns several modern UFO researchers who received telepathic communications containing words in an unknown language from sources that identified themselves as "space people." Occultists later identified the words as belonging to the "Enochian" language. Over three hundred years ago, the English occultist John Dee received a long series of channeled messages in this language, and occultists still study it today.

8 The reason we telepathically transmitted Enochian words like "affa" - meaning, very appropriately, "nothing" - to the Ufologists was to steer their thinking in certain direction. We knew that if they published these words or repeated them very much, someone with occult knowledge would tell them where they came from. It was just another way of supplying evidence that there is a connection between what modern Ufologists call telepathic contact with space people, and the mediumistic communication with spirits that occultists have been practicing throughout history.

9 Even with evidence like this to guide them, most of the Ufologists remain materialists. We keep telling them, "The Invisible College is composed of disembodied spirits. We're dead people, not living beings from other planets. Some of us are extraterrestrials, yes, but we're extraterrestrial spirits, not living people." We keep telling them this whenever we are in telepathic contact, and they keep right on theorizing about interstellar space travel and other dimensions.

10 Next, let us tell you about the so-called "Sirius Connection," which you mentioned in Part One without ever quite figuring out what we were doing. This was a complicated ploy of exactly the same type as the one we just mentioned. We started sending telepathic messages like "Sirius is very important" when we found out that news of the explicit astronomical knowledge about the invisible companion of Sirius in the Sudanese DogonTribe's mythology was about to surface.

11 In the early Seventies, when we started sending such messages, the same information that later appeared in The Sirius Mystery was already known to certain anthropologists and members of the occult and UFO communities, especially French speaking ones. This information is extremely impressive, because it contains the period of revolution of the companion around the larger star and the fact that this companion star is composed of super-dense matter. The information contains enough detail to make coincidence unlikely, and there is evidence that the Dogon possessed it before Western scientists did.

12 Q. When I first read The Sirius Mystery, I tended to dismiss the whole thing as a hoax by the Dogon. I speculated that some of them had heard the astronomical information about Sirius from some passing trader only a few years before they told it to the anthropologists. A lot of the traders in that area were Arabs, and amateur astronomy has always been popular hobby in the Arab culture.

13 A. No, the Dogon got the information centuries ago. They may or may not have gotten it second-hand from the ancient Egyptians, but they could have. This and many other pieces of advanced astronomical and astrophysical information have been in circulation among free spirits for thousands of years.

14 Q. I begin to get the point. You sent out telepathic messages about Sirius to get the materialists like Wilson, Leary, and various Ufologists to listen to you, knowing they'd encounter the information quite soon. I assume you knew in advance that The Sirius Mystery was being written.

15 A. It's more complicated than that. If we hadn't started the telepathic communications, several of these people would have accepted the information about Sirius and the Dogon as hard proof of physical visitations to Earth by Ancient Astronauts. As it was, we complicated the issue in their minds, and may have kept them from seriously misleading the significant number of people who regard their opinions as authoritative.

16 Q. When you say, "complicated the issue," are you talking about R.A. Wilson's making a connection between the modern Sirius Mystery and the "Great Star" legends of the Masons, Rosicrucians, and various occult groups?

17 A. Yes, the "Great Star" is also the "Great Secret": a version of the truth about Theocracy. This same symbolism is also being used by a number of different factions of spirits and living people involved in the psychic warfare to be described in Part Three. For example, some of then call themselves "cats" or "lions" and refer to certain other types of spirits as "dogs" or "Sirians." These terms refer to different details of the physiology of the astral soul, and there are spirits of each type in the service of both the Theocrats and the Invisible College.

18 Q. I also see another possible tie-in here. Ever since R.A. Wilson wrote the Illuminatus! books, he's had a following composed mostly of counterculture people who publish underground magazines devoted to discussing his work, and to similar material by Leary, Burroughs, etc. Some of these people were part of the Sixties LSD movement at the time when the media were full of anti-drug propaganda claiming that LSD damaged the chromosomes, and that the children of everyone who used it would be born deformed or mutated. My own opinion at the time was not to take these claims seriously, because they were supported by insufficient evidence - and history seems to have proven me right.

19 The assertion that LSD causes physical mutations seems to be entirely false. But this didn't stop certain members of the Sixties counterculture from taking this "mutation" propaganda and turning it completely around. In other words, they admitted that LSD causes mutations, and not in the descendants of the people who take the drug, but in the users themselves. And of course they claimed that these mutations were extremely beneficial, turning acidheads into supermen.

20 Now, I had enough scientific knowledge and plain common sense to dismiss these claims as obvious nonsense, typical of the alternating delusions of persecution and grandeur so common in the counterculture at the time. And, on the purely physical level, nothing has happened since to convince me that my snap judgment was wrong. However, the belief that acidheads are mutants in a literal, physical sense and therefore superior to ordinary people has never died out within the counterculture. It seems commoner in the counter-culture today than it was in the Sixties. Is the Invisible College responsible for this?

21 A. Yes. Some of the people who are going to read this book and other explicit writings about the War in Heaven, and who are going to make the breakthrough and join the movement to teach others the truth about the nature of spiritual reality, are going to describe themselves as "mutants" of this type.

22 Q. Personally, I feel more like an alien than a mutant. I have past-life memories set on other worlds, and I really don't feel comfortable in any cultural group on this planet.

23 A. This is because you're here to help in the building of an entirely new and more advanced civilization on Earth. And a large number of the people who call themselves mutants are also of extra-terrestrial origin. That's another thing you'll want to concentrate on in your future writings' helping these people realize who they are, and what they're on this planet to do.

24 Q. Here's a question I asked before and didn't get answered. I'll try to ask it again, because it pertains directly to the subject of mutants. During the Sixties, Timothy Leary often said that LSD helps people unlock cosmic secrets that are encoded in our DNA; and at the time, I found this concept completely incomprehensible. But he's still saying the same thing today. For example, he said in Neurologic just a few years ago that "Most of the characteristics formerly attributed to the soul now describe the functions of DNA, whose complex messages originate from higher intelligences in other solar systems... The mission of DNA is to evolve nervous systems able to escape from the doomed planet and contact manifestations of the same amino-acid seeding that have evolved in other solar systems." What is the relationship between the concept in this quotation, the acid mutants, and the cosmology that you've already given?

25 A. First of all, there was never a physical seeding of amino acids to start organic life. What actually happened was that disembodied spirits went to planets that were ready for life to develop, and created the amino acids by telekinetic manipulation of existing organic molecules. They assembled these amino acids into physical DNA using their own astral DNA molecules as templates.

26 When Leary and other scientists theorize that the physical DNA contains an evolutionary program that automatically causes new species to develop, they are slightly misinterpreting messages that we put in their subconscious minds. What we are actually trying to tell them is that evolution is guided by the psychic manipulations of disembodied spirits, but most such scientists are still too materialistic to accept such an explanation. Their conscious minds are unwilling to admit the literal existence of the soul and other spiritual phenomena, so they try to stretch theories from physical science to fit the evidence they discover. This sometimes causes non-scientists who read their works to engage in speculations about evolution and mutation that stray very far from reality.

27 What we're really telling all these people is simply, "Try to develop conscious control over your psychic powers during your present lifetime, so you'll have a better chance of surviving after death." LSD and other psychedelic drugs are a dangerous but useful tool for doing this, and so are many psychic training practices derived from occultism and religion. We do want people to evolve; but the evolution is spiritual, not physical.

28 However, there's a lot more to the War in Heaven than just a struggle between the Invisible College and the Theocratic spirits who operate through organized religion and try to retard material progress towards an advanced civilization on this planet. During the last five years, as this book was being written, the power of the religious Theocrats to influence the evolution of Western society has steadily declined, but that does not mean this Spiritual Revolution is going to be quick, easy, or bloodless.

29 What's actually been going on during the last twenty years is that the Theocrats are preparing to achieve their final goal. Throughout recorded history, the Theocrats have falsely pretended to be gods. Now, because of the Earth's extremely high and unstable population, they actually have a chance to assume godlike powers. This is what the War in Heaven is really all about, and this what we will describe in Part Three.
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20 WiH Chapter 20: The Aquarian Age
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