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 16 WiH Chapter 16: The Invisible College

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1PostSubject: 16 WiH Chapter 16: The Invisible College   Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:10 am

1 Q. You've already mentioned the Invisible College many times in this book, implying the general meaning of "those spirits on Earth's astral plane who are active, conscious enemies of Theocracy." At this point, I'd like to discuss this organization in greater detail. What kinds of spirits belong to it, and exactly what does it do to fight against the Theocrats?

2 A. The Invisible College isn't an organization by the usual definition of that term, because it doesn't have a political structure that all members recognize. The name is just a collective term in common use on the astral plane to describe all disembodied spirits who are not members of Theocratic bands and are not merely lost souls wandering around helpless because they can't function effectively in the spirit world. A synonym in wide use is "free spirits," which contains a play on words because "free" is used in two senses at once. It means "free of Theocratic control" simultaneously with "free to move around the astral plane at will and communicate telepathically with other spirits."

3 There are three main groups of spirits in the Invisible College: enlightened ones, magicians, and space people.

4 The first major group of spirits in the Invisible College is the enlightened ones. Most of these spirits were highly advanced in spiritual knowledge and the use of their psychic powers during life, but they were also devout believers in some sect of the Eastern religious system that includes Vedanta and Buddhism. They were wise enough to refuse to join the Theocratic bands associated with their particular sect after death, because they could psychically perceive the enslavement and exploitation going on in the various Heavens. (Few of the Western occultists who have called themselves "Illuminati" or some other synonym of "enlightened ones" join this group after physical death; most become magicians or Theocrats.)

5 The enlightened ones could be very useful to our cause, but few of them are willing to stay on the astral plane and help actively fight Theocracy. They believe that the Theocratic perversions of Heaven they observe there are illusions, and that perceiving such illusions proves that they are not yet advanced enough to liberate themselves from the cycle of rebirth. So they go back and live another earthly life, always hoping that the next time they die they will be worthy to enter the true Heaven. They consider the War in Heaven an illusion and run away from it, back into earthly existence, which they also consider illusory.

6 Q. The idea that much of the universe is "maya" (illusion) is extremely common in Eastern religion and in Western occultism. Where did it come from?

7 A. It's just theocratic propaganda, and the refusal of the enlightened ones to help in the war against Theocracy is a perfect example of how effective it is. Physical life on Earth is no illusion, nor is existence as a disembodied spirit on the astral plane. What's illusory is the claim of the Theocrats to be the gods of various religions, and the lie that their Heavens offer the human soul eternal life.

8 Q. Do any of the saints in the Judeo-Christian religions become enlightened ones after death?

9 A. This is extremely rare. Most of them become Theocrats if they are devout members of Theocratic churches during life. However, some people who claimed to work miracles through faith in religious doctrine have become magician spirits after death. They were really occultists whose faith was merely a sham to allow them to work within the religious establishment.

10 Q. I've always had an instinctive feeling that Vedanta and Buddhism are less exploitative of believers than Judeo-Christianity, even though I knew that the Eastern religions aren't as different from the Western ones as many Americans believe because they can't tell Eastern occultism from the mainstream of Eastern religion. The information you've just been giving about the enlightened ones probably explains why I felt this way. Even believers in the Western religious systems whose psychic powers are highly developed are still quite vulnerable to being enslaved by the Theocrats after death, whereas similar people in the East often remain free of Theocratic control and go on incarnating. I assume this happens because the Eastern religions teach belief in reincarnation as part of their official doctrine.

11 A. This is correct. However, the actual political structure of Judeo-Christian Theocracy on the astral plane is somewhat more complex than we described previously. In reality, the Theocrats in charge of bands force many advanced souls within these religions to reincarnate, because such spirits don't make very good subordinate Theocrats but are too valuable to the religion as a whole to kill.

12 The average Theocratic spirit that we have described so far realizes that religious doctrine and mythology are lies and is cynically seeking immortality and political power. The enlightened ones, although they possess a high degree of spiritual knowledge and psychic development, still actually believe in the doctrine. Therefore, if they joined a Theocratic band and observed first-hand how it operates, they might rebel. Because of this, the leaders of Theocratic bands usually persuade such spirits to return to Earth to further the interests of the religion. The Christian Bible contains references to this, if you know what to look for.

13 Q. Do you mean the passages in which various people ask Jesus if he is Elias or some other Hebrew prophet returned to Earth?

14 A. Yes. Liberal Christians often use passages of this type as Scriptural authority to support reincarnation, which, of course, they are.

15 Q. But Jesus denied he was the reincarnation of any Hebrew prophet.

16 A. He did, but it was just a simple "No" to the specific questions. The questions themselves presented him with a perfect opportunity to make a definitive statement denying the existence of reincarnation, and he didn't take it. This suggests that the author of the passage was an enemy of Theocracy and knew elements of the Great Secret.

17 To get back to the point we were discussing, the Theocrats persuade many of the saints in Western fourth-stage Theocratic religion to reincarnate. Often, they become charismatic preachers who win large numbers of new converts, or religious leaders who increase the power of churches over the whole of society. In the process, they may become so corrupted by earthly power that they eventually become Theocrats.

18 Q. Do any of these souls ever see the fallacies in their religious beliefs and become enemies of Theocracy, if they are raised in the right environment when they reincarnate on Earth?

19 A. It sometimes happens, but rarely. The Western fourth-stage Theocratic religions are actually more sophisticated than the Eastern religions and much harder to break out of once you get taken in. This is because the Eastern religions teach reincarnation as part of their doctrine, and because occultists are allowed to work within the total structure of the official religion, rather than being cast out of it and openly persecuted as in the West.

20 The second major group in the Invisible College is the magicians. The term "magician" is used very loosely to refer to people who made effective conscious use of their psychic powers while alive, and did not voluntarily join a Theocratic band after death. It is a very diverse group, and the spirits that compose it belonged to many different cultures and social classes during life.

21 Many magician spirits belonged to the Spiritualists, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, or other well-known Western occult groups during life. Others belonged to occult groups that are usually labeled as Pagan religions, such as Witchcraft, Voodoo, Santeria, etc. Still others had been commercial fortunetellers or psychic healers. (Many of the magicians in this last category considered themselves Christians and performed their psychic activities "in the name of Christ." However, the Theocratic churches were afraid of their conscious psychic activities and banned them from membership, so they kept their freedom after death.)

22 In the East, many martial-arts experts, Yogis, Tantrists, Zen Masters, Sufis, etc., become magician spirits after death, as do people who make their living doing divination or practicing psychic healing. The shamans of the surviving first-stage religions also often join the magician spirits when they die.

23 What all these spirits have in common is that they had wide practical experience with the operational use of their psychic powers when they were alive. (This includes some people who had possessed highly developed psychic powers during life but were never consciously aware of them.) The average magician had definite religious beliefs during life, but these were not strong enough to compel joining a Theocratic band after death. Magicians, living or disembodied, tend to be practical people, not mystics or "true believers.

24 Most of the spirit guides who assist occultists all over the world in obtaining spiritual knowledge and in learning conscious control of their psychic powers are magicians. The Theocrats are seriously frightened of the work these spirits do, which explains why Fundamentalist propaganda contains such stern warnings against contacting them.

25 Q. Yes. This accounts for all the propaganda against Ouija boards and other aids that help people achieve independent, consciously controlled contact with disembodied spirits. In the light of my present knowledge, all the warnings about demonic possession through engaging in mediumistic workings seem especially ironic: it looks to me as if the spirit-contact that Fundamentalists achieve at services using religious mind control are much closer to the descriptions of "possession" than what happens to occultists when they hold mediumistic conversations with spirits.

26 A. That is another important point this book has to make.

27 Q. What else do the magicians in the Invisible College do besides passing information to people with conscious mediumistic powers?

28 A. This is actually one of the less important things they do, because there aren't very many conscious spirit mediums. However, the magician spirits can communicate telepathically with a much larger segment of the living population on a strictly subconscious level, and do so very frequently. Such spirits are responsible for many experiences that people call prophetic dreams, flashes of insight, hunches, intuition, instinctive knowledge, etc. However, some of the experiences assigned these names are entirely the product of the person's own subconscious imagination or psychic powers. There's usually no way to tell the difference.

29 Q. At this point, it seems necessary to bring up a point that may worry some readers. It's quite natural for people to say, "I don't like the idea that a spirit or another person can plant in my mind an idea I will consider the product of my own memory or creative powers. This is an invasion of my privacy and of my right to make decisions for myself." From a purely ethical standpoint, I have to agree completely with this statement.

30 A. All we can say is, "Would you rather be drafted into the army to fight against beings as evil as Hitler, or to fight on their side?" Most Earth people simply don't have the psychic strength or spiritual knowledge to remain neutral in the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. If we don't manipulate them subconsciously, then the Theocrats will do so anyway. We justify this according to our own code of ethics simply by applying the principle of "greatest good." An individual influenced by both the IC and the Theocrats has more freedom in the long run than one manipulated by the Theocrats alone.

31 We still have to deal with the issue of "informed consent," but this book and hundreds of similar attempts to communicate the same information are intended to provide the general public with the information they need to make a choice. And this is what we are really talking about when we say we want people to "make a personal breakthrough in spiritual consciousness." We want them to learn enough about how mind control operates to avoid situations that expose them to it.

32 Even now, when very few people are consciously aware of the nature of Theocracy and the forces opposing it, our methods are still more ethical than those of the Theocrats and their religions. They brainwash people with religious mind control as their strategy of first choice, whereas we employ such methods very sparingly.

33 When we work with people who are consciously learning occultism, we try to inform them exactly what is going on as well as we can. The more spiritual information they learn and the stronger their conscious psychic powers become, the more they are able to avoid subconscious telepathic mind control by either side in the War in Heaven. For example, you yourself seem to be quite capable of questioning us on ethical matters and making your own value judgments about what you receive in the process of writing this book.

34 Let's get back to the description of what the magician spirits in the Invisible College do. Placing information about Theocracy in the minds of living people is only their second most important job. The principal service they perform for the human race is assisting other souls in reincarnating. It's an old Spiritualist tradition that mediums and their spirit guides offer help to the souls of the recently deceased that seem in distress. This sometimes comes to the public attention when it is done after someone has reported seeing a ghost, but many Spiritualists do a lot more of it privately. They consider it a good deed they can do in payment of the good that is done for them by being in direct conscious contact with the spirit world.

35 Unfortunately, the traditional Spiritualists and those of their spirit guides who held similar beliefs during life do harm as often as good when they attempt to aid lost souls, because most of them lack even the most rudimentary knowledge about Theocracy.

36 Q. I know exactly what you mean. Only rarely do Spiritualists make an overt attempt to help such spirits reincarnate. Instead, they talk about such lost souls being "Earthbound" in the sense of being confined to a portion of the astral plane in direct contact with the Earth plane, and they try to assist the distressed spirits to enter the "higher astral."

37 Before I made the breakthrough, I had no intellectual knowledge to make me disagree with this cosmology and the resulting treatment of lost souls, but I always felt an instinctive emotional unease whenever I witnessed or was told about such a ritual. Now I know why: the whole astral plane is in direct contact with the Earth, and the only parts of it that give the illusion of not being closely linked to Earth are those under the control of the Theocrats.

38 A. All too often, when Spiritualists and similar occultists assist souls in "entering the higher astral," they are actually sending them straight into the control of some band of Theocrats, to be enslaved and devoured. That is because the majority of Spiritualists and the magician spirits that serve as their spirit guides are too friendly to deistic religion and too ignorant of the realities of life on the astral plane. This is beginning to change now, but it's still a major problem.

39 In many cases, people who had read a lot of occult literature during life put up more resistance to understanding the true nature of Theocracy than atheists, agnostics, and even some believers in orthodox religion. It's actually easier to show religious people that their gods are impostors than it is to show occultists that there are no "planes higher than the astral." The beliefs of the former are easier to refute because they are simple and clear-cut. The delusions of occultists are more complex and sophisticated.
Many of them tell us, "OK, so some Heavens are really Hells of psychic vampirism. I'm going to keep looking until I find one that's not." Unfortunately, there are Theocratic bands specifically designed to entrap spirits like this, bands run by Theocrats who were occultists themselves during life.

40 Q. In other words, the Invisible College faces the same problems in dealing with people on the astral plane as I have in getting people on Earth to accept the information described in this book. There are thousands of years of false knowledge to overcome, and virtually every body of available spiritual information is heavily corrupted with Theocratic propaganda. It strikes me as miraculous that you were able to start teaching such knowledge widely, both on the astral plane and on Earth. Can you describe how?

41 A. About seven hundred years ago, scientists from our world established two-way contact with spirits on Earth's astral plane. Accidents in interstellar transportation had already marooned quite a few extraterrestrial spirits on Earth, but they were not capable of communicating with the societies they'd come from. (Ironically, psychic machines capable of establishing such communication existed on Earth's astral plane, but none of the spirits who came here by accident possessed the specialized skills for using them.)

42 Of course such spirits were forced to reincarnate periodically, and every time they did so, they lost a portion of their original memories. This meant that Earth people remained ignorant of the basic facts about spiritual reality, including the true nature of the Theocratic spirits who claim to be gods. There were always a few spirits around who knew the truth, but they were seldom able to communicate more than hints of it to others before they lost the memory of who they were and where they came from.

43 The two-way contact we speak of roughly coincided with the beginnings of modern Western civilization. There are numerous passages in occult literature from the late Middle Ages on about telepathic conversations between mediums and spirit-entities who resemble modern UFO-contactee descriptions of space people much more than they do the traditional angels, demons, or spirits of deceased Earth people. Several of these accounts include what appears to be advanced information about physics, astronomy, and other sciences - and is exactly that. The accounts that have survived are just a small part of the whole.

44 As soon as this contact was established, spirits from advanced civilizations started coming to Earth deliberately to attempt to build an advanced civilization here. The fight against Theocracy is a necessary negative step that has to be taken before the real goal is accomplished, which is to make the Earth a fit place for human beings to live.

45 Q. Both traditional occult literature and modern UFO-contactee stories are full of vague references to these telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial spirits, but such stories lack sufficient detail to make them credible. Usually, they're just full of truisms and banalities that don't much impress the person who hears them.

46 A. This is true. It's taken centuries to prepare people even to think about what life in a truly advanced society would be like. The process has to be done gradually, over a long period of time, and most of it has been done on the level of action, not that of intellectual theory.

47 Q. Why couldn't the space people, the spirits from advanced civilizations, take some kind of direct action against the Theocrats right at the beginning? Logically, getting rid of the opposition of the Theocrats would be the first step in building an advanced civilization here, not the last.

48 A. It simply wasn't possible. The space people don't come here physically, but as naked spirits transmitted across vast distances. We come here with a certain amount of knowledge, a small part of which we can communicate directly to Earth people, and with psychic powers that are highly trained but not especially powerful in terms of force. The average Theocratic spirit is actually "stronger" than one of us in terms of sheer ability to radiate psychic energy as a disembodied spirit.

49 Q. Why is this? It would seem more logical to assume that your better training would give you more raw psychic power as well.

50 A. This is rather hard to explain, but you should be able to grasp at least some of it. Remember that the space people are as human as you are, though not all of us inhabit bodies at home that resemble yours. Every human soul is intended to link periodically to a body. That means it has a certain size and shape, a fixed composition and patterning of astral matter, that is natural for it. A normal spirit can transmit only limited amounts of astral energy through the psychic powers. This amount of energy is actually lower, not higher, than that which can be radiated by the psychic powers of a similar spirit incarnated in a physical body.

51 Q. I'm already familiar with this idea: the incarnated soul draws energy from the physical body to energize its psychic powers.

52 A. Now, the Theocratic spirits are not bound by this limitation, because they don't incarnate periodically and don't have to worry about keeping their astral soul in a natural condition. Instead, they absorb energy from other spirits and grow as much as they can. Abnormal growth gives them access to more internal astral energy and hence stronger psychic powers than a normal spirit possesses.

53 Q. OK, I understand this. You are forced to use finesse rather than brute strength in fighting the Theocrats, and also forced to enlist the aid of living people in many different ways. I would also like to point out how closely some of the matters just discussed tie in with certain details in the Shaver Mystery as discussed in Chapter Two. But what about psychic technology? I know you now have access to it. Couldn't space people have activated these psychic machines long ago, and saved Earth people centuries of misery?

54 A. We didn't do this until the present because the process requires large amounts of astral energy. One of the reasons we have assisted you in building a physical technology is so that we could tap some of the psychic energy raised by the electronic mind-control networks and use it to repair and run psychic machines constructed of astral matter. We could have done it previously only by using the methods employed by second-stage Theocratic religion: mass human sacrifices and mass destruction of human souls. This is far beyond the limits to which we will stretch our ethics. It's a means that no end will justify.

55 We will discuss psychic technology further in Part Three. For now, we'll continue discussing the wars that free spirits have been waging against Theocracy throughout history, starting with the concept of "The Devil."
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16 WiH Chapter 16: The Invisible College
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