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 Are privacy and intellectual property becoming obsolete?

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1PostSubject: Are privacy and intellectual property becoming obsolete?   Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:42 pm

I'm starting this thread with excerpts from a message Tate just posted on the YUSOTS Abyss Forum:

06/16/16 15:54:06

Spiritrebel wrote: The Information Revolution is already well on the way to making personal privacy and intellectual property obsolete.

RealityBulider replied: 6-7th stage mind controllers are wondering about and giving their interpretation of "personal privacy"as defined by including almost every material, physical and mental activities that would be readable and shareable to any audience of their choice. I've always told them this interpretation was a completely obvious lie-deception but they still ask themselves what you mean by "making personal privacy and intellectual property obsolete" : you may please give us your individual interpretation

SR responded: I first encountered what you're calling the 6th and 7th stages of theocratic religion on MSN Groups back in 2005 and 2006. I quickly became on-line friends with lots of people who were willing to discuss the Spiritual Revolutionary ideas" set forth in the "War in Heaven" book, and most of the ideas in my early writings about the Information Revolution, and we created a whole bunch of our own MSN Groups. My "Reality Checkpoint" Group was one of the largest and most active. However when I started seriously discussing the idea that personal privacy and intellectual property are going to become obsolete as we proceed more deeply into the Information Age, a lot of them objected quite strenuously. And when I started putting some of these ideas into practice, such as starting a forum on one of my own groups where I imported material from other Groups and commented on it with no fear of censorship, they openly rebelled and left my groups.

Tate answered: Interesting! I haven't done anything yet that attracted much attention... but I will try to keep this in mind... One thing that any public internet poster should know is that legally... anybody can quote them... and even publish what they have posted publicly... even to the point of making money off what they wrote... at least I think that is accurate... but most publishing or film companies would want permission from the original author before they would publish... or start shooting footage......

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Are privacy and intellectual property becoming obsolete?
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