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 14 WiH Chapter 14: Electronic Mind Control

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1PostSubject: 14 WiH Chapter 14: Electronic Mind Control   Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:18 am

1 A. Electronic mind control works on two different levels, just as religious mind control does. We described in some detail in Chapter Twelve how religious services put people into an altered state of consciousness similar to a light hypnotic trance, and how the thinking and behavior of people in such a religious trance can be influenced by what they experience through the physical senses during the service. In other words, they often learn to believe and act on the preacher's words as people, learn to react to post-hypnotic suggestions during regular hypnosis.

2 Electronic mind control does exactly the same thing, and often to an even greater degree. It is also even more addictive than religious mind control. Like religious mind control, electronic mind control works on two different levels, one physical and one psychic. We will next discuss the physical level, which can be directly observed with the physical senses and analyzed with the conscious intellect. There are many, many books in existence that describe this process, including detailed instructions for spotting subliminals by analyzing movies or TV shows in extreme slow-motion, along with explanations by psychologists for determining what specific effects the subliminal messages will have on the viewer. Similar information has also been published describing how sensory mind-control is performed through popular music, radio talk shows, and other auditory media, though this subject has not been treated as extensively as mind-control through the visual media.

3 Electronic or media mind-control has a psychic component just as religious mind control does, but this employs completely different mechanisms, and your readers should be careful not to get confused reading the two sets of technical details in one book. They don't contradict one another, but they might seem to if not completely understood.

4 Everything we said in Chapter Twelve about religious mind-control is based on the postulate that psychic phenomena are broadcast-propagation phenomena like light or radio waves, and that they obey the inverse-square law. In other words, the strength of a telepathic signal varies inversely with the square of the distance between transmitter and receiver, so psychic workings function most efficiently when the people or spirits involved are spatially close to one another. This is one reason why we continually stress the fact that the astral plane is a condition, not a place, and that spirits are present in the same space that living people occupy.

5 However, there is a second, non-broadcast system for transmitting and receiving psychic energies between human souls, which we haven't mentioned yet. Do you remember the old Greek Myth about the "Threads of Destiny" woven by the goddesses called the Fates? These threads actually exist, but they aren't woven by superhuman beings. They are "transmission lines" of astral matter that connect one soul to another, and they allow telepathic communications over greater distances and with greater power than can be accomplished by ordinary "broadcast" telepathy.

6 These threads are created spontaneously when astral souls come into contact with one another while generating large amounts of psychic energy. Whenever the astral mind is in the correct state of consciousness, generating these threads is just as natural and automatic as the process that spiders use to leave a silk strand behind them when they travel. When this additional theoretical information is added to the material about religious mind control in Chapter Twelve, it explains how television evangelists can exert a direct psychic influence over their congregations from a distance.

7 The process has two possible starting points. First, people who regularly attend Christian church services dominated by the Theocrats are urged to watch certain television evangelists and to listen to designated religious radio broadcasts. Over the years, an elaborate network of astral transmission lines has been built up to link the religious broadcasters to the clergy of Theocratic congregations all over the country, and through them, to the masses of ordinary members.

8 These psychic threads are put in place when radio and TV preachers are invited to hold services at church conventions, or when a group of churches hosts a large local revival meeting with a media evangelist, or someone working for one, as a guest. This method is used primarily to link the churches to the hundreds of second-rank broadcast evangelists with regional or local media followings. The superstar evangelists who already have national followings reverse this procedure: they invite the ministers and elders of selected churches all over the country to visit their studios and become part of the in-house congregation during their broadcasts. In either case, psychic linkages are established between the media evangelist and the local churches.

9 Some of the more ambitious TV evangelists have also directly linked large numbers of ordinary members of Theocratic congregations - and hundreds of thousands of new converts as well - into their electronic mind control networks by periodically holding huge, live revival meetings. (They are often held in major sports stadiums, which, as we will see in a moment, is especially appropriate.) This is also why several of the major evangelists have started colleges, and why one TV ministry even built its own imitation of Disneyland.

10 Q. Sometimes the little details are more biting than the big, mind-boggling horror stories. Think of it: a theme park where families can get enslaved to both electronic and religious mind-control while they take their vacation!

11 A. However, the media networks used by the TV evangelists are not the most important electronic mind control networks in the United States right now. The Theocrats have another mind control network that enslaves large numbers of people who have little or no interest in organized religion. It's centered on the major spectator sports, organized gambling, and the communications media that service both; and it controls more people than all the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelists combined. It doesn't program people's surface thinking and behavior as thoroughly as Theocratic religion does, because there's less verbal-intellectual content, but it's just as effective at programming their subconscious minds into forming instinctive opinions favorable to the goals of the Theocrats.

12 People don't have to be watching a sermon or listening to a hymn to receive subconscious telepathic messages from the very same spirits who control fundamentalist religion; they only have to be in the correct state of altered consciousness (which TV and radio produces automatically in all members of the audience who haven't learned specific techniques for preventing it), and they have to have the transmission lines of astral matter implanted in the right part of their soul, linking them into the network.

13 Q. In other words, the football widow's husband absorbs just as much Theocratic media mind-control from his weekend glued to the tube as does the Fundamentalist who watches the same amount of religious programming?

14 A. Yes. Live sports events and casino gambling serve the same function in this network as church services and revival meetings do in the electronic religious mind control networks. Compulsive gambling, especially on sports events through an enormous (and mostly illegal) electronic bookmaking network, plays the same part as does the cycle of sin/guilt/forgiveness in Theocratic religion.

15 And the Theocrats are now actively expanding this form of mind-control. Notice that many states have recently legalized various forms of gambling that plug people into the networks just described: state lotteries, horse racing (including off-track betting), bingo, card parlors, etc. It's no accident that gambling expands on both the in-person and media levels as the Fundamentalist churches and TV evangelism decline. The Theocrats are shifting their attention to activities more natural to the average opinions and lifestyles of present day Americans.

16 Q. Before I made the breakthrough, I always wondered why the Sixties Movement was instinctively hostile both to organized spectator sports and to organized gambling, while enthusiastically embracing a wide range of other "vices," major and minor. On the purely physical level, being a fan of organized sports is usually only a waste of time, and gambling is only a waste of money, whereas irresponsible experimentation with drugs, sex, and lifestyles can do much more serious harm to people.

17 I knew that both sports fanaticism and gambling were addictive and could sometimes seriously harm a susceptible person, but I also knew that virtually anything could cause a harmful addiction if a person has the right pattern of character defects. However, I also felt very strong background "vibes" in the counterculture that said, "Stay away from spectator sports and big-time gambling." Now I know why.

18 A. Casino gambling in Nevada is one of the most important battlefields in the war between the Theocrats and the Invisible College. Once Theocratic spirits get their control threads on people gambling in the casinos, they continue to send telepathic messages into the minds of these people whenever they watch certain television programs, especially sports events and game shows. However, the Invisible College also uses the Nevada casinos, though we're not going to give a detailed description of what we do there.

19 Q. As a magician working for the Invisible College, I go to the Nevada gambling areas periodically to do various magical workings to support our side in this conflict. Now, I already know I shouldn't describe these psychic battles in detail for security reasons, but it's OK to point out that they occur, isn't it?

20 A. Yes. It's OK for your readers to know that the electronic mental reprogramming networks of the Theocrats and the Invisible College have their American headquarters in Las Vegas: the Theocrats are mostly on the Strip and we are mostly Downtown. And you should also add some advice for people who enjoy recreational gambling.

21 Q. OK. If people want to gamble, we strongly recommend that they do it in private games with friends, or at local bingo or card clubs if such are legal where they live. These forms of gambling can still plug people into an electronic mind-control network, but they're less dangerous than the Nevada casinos. Going to Reno or Vegas or Atlantic City to gamble for fun is like going "out on the town" in Saigon during the late Sixties. There's a war on, and the innocent can get caught up in it as easily as the combatants.

22 People who disregard this advice and go to Nevada to gamble anyway can minimize the danger if they are careful to remain in a normal state of consciousness. This means: don't sample the free drinks, and above all, don't gamble for more than an hour at a time. If you get at all intoxicated or spaced out from fatigue, the Theocrats can put you into the same type of trance that people go into at religious services, and start brainwashing you. They can also make you lose more money than you intended to risk: this now happens to the majority of people who go the Nevada casinos just to have a good time. Electronic inter-state banking, allowing cash advances on almost any credit card right in the casinos, is partly responsible for this; but the major reason is simply that the War in Heaven is hotter than ever before, and both sides are generating a lot more psychic force.

23 And remember too that gambling is just as addictive as alcohol or heroin. The Theocrats love to turn people into compulsive gamblers. That suits their purposes just as well as turning them into Jesus-addicts needing their weekly fix of "divine forgiveness of sins."

24 A. Of course, both sides in the War in Heaven employ electronic mind control, and the Invisible College does even more of it than the Theocrats, working mostly through popular music and pop culture in general. Once people have been to a certain number of live rock concerts, whether huge ones in sports stadiums or small ones in clubs, then they are permanently linked into a media mind control network run by the Invisible College, and they receive subconscious telepathic messages every time they listen to the right kind of music on the radio or on their own stereo systems. The song lyrics perform the same function in this process as sermons do in religious media mind control.

25 Q. There are some truly amazing messages being sent through this medium these days - a lot of it sounds as if it's straight out of the pages of this book - and yet few people seem to be consciously aware of them. Some of the people who write for underground rock fanzines are beginning to realize that the songs contain important messages about life after death, magic, psychic development, etc., but the music critics whose work gets national circulation have given this little attention so far.

26 A. This is mostly because it's so hard to hear the channeled messages in song lyrics: most of them are subliminal unless you go to special efforts to pick them out word by word, and when you do extract them, they're written in an elaborate jargon and code. People who are part of the mind control network learn a deep instinctive understanding of this code, but few can paraphrase the content of the messages into plain English.

27 There's a further complication in all this. We pointed out earlier that we have taken control of certain Christian churches and media evangelists and now use them to fight Theocracy. And in another chapter, we described how the Theocrats were also active in the middle of the Sixties Movement, trying to subvert individuals and groups over to their side. Exactly the same thing is going on today. We use sports and gambling for reprogramming when we can seize control of part of the network, and the Theocrats have a large and powerful following in the Popular music world.

28 A word of advice to conscious psychics and magicians: even if you remain hostile to all forms of involuntary mental reprogramming, you can still help people learn to defend themselves consciously against it. Every school of occultism has its spells for taking curses off of people, and most of them involve detaching the victim from the astral communications lines that are causing the problem. These techniques should be taught to anyone with sufficient control of the psychic powers to use them, and the "clearing" rituals themselves should be widely and publicly performed.

29 Of course, this will also knock out beneficial mind-control linkages put there by the Invisible College and all the "good" occult groups, so we personally recommend that people who perform such spells should also be prepared to create new beneficial linkages of their own. However, if you are still too hostile to all forms of mind control to do this, it's still more important to break the Theocratic linkages. That's a major difference between us and the Theocrats. We would rather see people completely free of control-linkages than enslaved to the Theocrats.

30 Q. I believed for years before I made my breakthrough that a significant percentage of the "dangerous visions" in science fiction and other speculative literature are spirit-dictated massages, and I now know the hows and whys of it.

31 A. Yes, this is still another form of media mind control, operating through the printed word rather than the electronic media. Remember, people fall into a trance state reading light literature for recreation, just as they do watching TV or listening to music.

32 Even more significant, literally millions of Americans are now practicing relatively advanced forms of sex and drug magic without considering themselves formal occultists or bothering to learn the intellectual knowledge traditionally associated with such practices in both the East and the West: the cabalistic/alchemical systems, the Tantric system, various Amerindian or African systems, etc. Instead, people just learn specific techniques by having sex or turning on with someone who already knows them, and then proceed from there by trial and error.

33 Many such experimenters have been hurt trying this, but a large number of them have gotten to the point where they can channel down instructions directly from spirits; and at that point they have almost the same access to psychic development tools as the advanced, formal occultists have. With one big exception: because they never bothered to learn the associated spiritual, cosmological, philosophical, ethical systems, they are almost totally ignorant of how to identify the political faction a particular spirit belongs to on the astral plane, so their channeled information is usually a mishmash from many different sources.

34 We have now completed our explanation of what the Theocrats are and how they operate. Next, we will discuss the history of Theocracy on Earth, from its beginnings to the present.
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14 WiH Chapter 14: Electronic Mind Control
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