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 Let Us Pray Rightly

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1PostSubject: Let Us Pray Rightly   Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:05 am



Psalms 139:1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known me. 2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off. 3 Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways. 4 For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O LORD, thou knowest it altogether.

It is time to upgrade your thinking on communication with God. What we will discuss is the form of communication Father has always had with us and we with Him. He speaks with us telepathically. You need to rethink what we know about Creator-God. He is OMNIPRESENT. Actually we exist inside His spirit Body. After all God is a spirit and so are we … just like Him. He is also OMNISCIENT knowing everything, period. God is OMNIPOTENT. All power to do anything comes from God and it is given to all creatures and entities according to His purpose for them. From the beginning God has communicated with us by thought concepts. Words express and depict thought concepts. Words may be spoken or written. Thoughts may be imputed or planted in the mind as ideas instantly perceived in the mind. This is God’s preferred means of communicating with His creatures. We receive thoughts in picture-graphs and mental-videos that teach us “HOW” to make things and solve problems. We have coined a term to describe this. We call it “mental telepathy”. When God created Adam, He communicated with him using words in speech which Adam heard with his ears, and also by imputing ideas in Adam’s head in “picture-images” that gave Adam “understanding”. God always uses this method of communication with mankind. We show that we have received and understand our missives by DOING exactly what we were shown in thought. Inventions or new ideas that come to men are successfully achieved when the recipient of the thought builds or makes whatever he is shown according to the specifications shown to him as an “idea”. This is how God has progressed man from stone-age ideas and mentality to 21st Century progress and technology that we have today.

Now that you are considering this, It is time to UPGRADE your mind on “worshiping God”. First of all God wants us to love honor and respect Him as our Father-Creator. All men are tiny pieces of His Living Spirit Person stashed in clay envelopes called human bodies. God requires that we love and respect our fellowman in the way we love ourselves. GOD is equal to the SUM OF ALL HIS PARTS. If you do not see each and every human being as part of God’s collective BODY, then you do not know God! God cannot be COMPLETE until ALL HIS PARTS RETURN TO HIM in what is known as FAMILY REUNION, or as Zechariah called it, the “Feast of Tabernacles”. Enoch saw this as that moment when “ALL TIME (the children) were stuck together” and time was no longer counted as man counts it on Earth, Secrets of Enoch 65. Scientists theorize that the BIG BANG sent what we call the universe of stars, galaxies, star dust and particles of light, photons, and cosmic and micro-wave energy spiraling out from the original centrail mass (God) in all directions. They theorize further that these forms of mass and material will eventually collapse in on itself as it returns to the center source (God). Again Secrets of Enoch 65 is another expression of that scientific theory. So you see scientists are in the right ballpark with their ideas.

God had Jesus tell the woman at the well, that Father God wants “TRUE WORSHIPERS” to worship Him in as living spirits, our created form, John 4:7-14. We cannot do that on earth, because down here men live as a composite both clay and spirit. As such Adam became a “living soul”. To return to our birthday form at creation, Father must REMOVE US FROM CLAY, so that the spirit may fly away to Paradise, the “Barn of Heaven” to be RE-MADE. “Circumcision” is how God taught Moses about this procedure. No Hebrew could enter what is now Palestine or the “promise land” without first being circumcised. Male Jews had the foreskin of their penis removed. Usually this occurs sometime after birth. It symbolized the REMOVAL OF MAN from his “raiment of skin” after which he is clothed with his “raiment of light” or the Heavenly body. God did not give the “glorious TRUTH” about what really happens in death to mankind or to devils because keeping the BIG SECRET had strategic value in His use of devils as they served Him unwittingly. Devils are used to serve in three areas on the wheel or “arc of life”. (1) Devils and specifically Babylon, are used to promote sexual stimulation. The clay “fur rows” (human vaginas) are continually plowed by the human male penis to provide Father-Creator-God with multiple options of when and where to plant His infant “Holy seed” from the chamber of stars. (2) Devils serve to “MAR the clay vessels” in the Potter’s field. This exposes each man’s strengths and weaknesses during his lifetime on earth. The Scientist-Creator uses this collected information on each child in the FIX-UP in STEP-TWO (Paradise). (3) No man can RISE in his “raiment of skin”. God cursed the ground after Adam’s failure, and no cursed thing can enter into Heaven. Therefore the “raiment of skin”, the human body must be REMOVED. God gave devils the power to kill men. They have not disappointed Him in this mission. Devils ENJOY killing men and boast about how many they have wiped out. The Husbandman and the “the little old woman who lived in a shoe” is “a fairy tale reference to Mother Wisdom and the human dwelling place). This is derived from planet Earth as Father’s footstool! We all live on earth which Father Himself declared, “Earth is my footstool”, Isaiah 66:1. NOW Mother, you know your Husband has a sense of humor. “You might not have known what to do”, but Father knew. He employed demons to help Him boost the UPWARD SWING on the cycle of life. Devils have HELPED GOD REAP the fields of men by “circumcising” the living spirits from their hindering clay houses. There is no wisdom, counsel or understanding against God! Proverbs 21:30. There is no searching of his understanding, Isaiah 40:28, and His thoughts are past finding out, Romans 11:33-34! So actually, Mother, you are still a beautiful young woman even though your children live in the Earth-shoe. But your Husband and my Father-God knows what to do.

So you see how I speak to my Parents in Heaven. I am “ONE” with both of them. We communicate over vast distances instantly and telepathically. Father God is EVERYWHERE AT ONCE! Furthermore we live inside Him down in the “old lady’s shoe”! I am showing you this because I want you to UPGRADE YOUR UNDERSTANDING of how to talk to God. Since Father is living your life with you and for you as He said, I will dwell in them and walk in them”, you are sensing because He is sharing His feeling for you with you, Isaiah 63:9. Since Father is INSIDE YOU sharing what you see as your personal conscious awareness, YOU TWO can talk to one another right now. Do not see God as remote and far away from you and sitting on a giant throne high up in the Heavens. His personal form so we can see Him is UP there, but at the same time H e is EVERYWHERE at once. If you are cognizant of this LIVING TRUTH, then think your thought whatever you want to say to Him and He will hear you. You do not have to serve God carnally and in darkness anymore. To petition God, you do not need to go to some church-building on the corner deemed to be “the house of God”. You do not need to go to a special closet and petition some man on the other side of a petition. You do not need to go the Jerusalem and write notes that you insert into an ancient “wailing wall”. You do not need to confess your sins in church before a congregation of men who cannot help you or themselves. You do not need a special prayer shawl or a prayer rug to kneel down on before you talk to Creator-God. You do not have to turn to the east first and then make your request. Before you can form the words in your mind to ask God, He has comprehended everything you want to say to Him. THIS IS GOD AS HE REALLY IS! RECOGNIZE THIS TRUTH and serve Him in the way you treat His other “Body parts”, the human beings with whom you come in contact. You do not have to go to any man’s building and pay him money to “serve and worship God”. God does not need your money. Men need money. “You cannot serve God and mammon”! Since Creator-Father-God is in you as you, He will know how much you love Him by monitoring how you treat the other forms of “Himself”. This is a reference to your fellowmen. You DO NOT NEED TO GO TO A CHURCH building of bricks and mortar to made by men worship God. Have a new conversation with God. Look into your own heart. “Praying in secret” is talking to Him “in you” just as you are wherever you are “in private”. “Your own body is His temple”! Your head is your closet and secret chamber where no man knows what is happening inside but YOU and Father-God. When and if you do well and please Him, He will reward you openly. You do not have to pray out loud with spoken words to be seen and heard by men. If you want to be viewed as pious by others, that is a form of “man-pleasing”. I think you will be better served if you seek to please God first and foremost. This is the spiritual way to serve God right now while we are in human form. Your spirit can serve God in a better way than you previously have even though you still abide in clay as man.

In “Star Trek” Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock used mobile communicating devices that flipped up and gave a beep or turned on a light in order to talk to one another. TODAY YOU are your own communicating device! You do not need to flip open and hear a beep. God has made communicating with Him so easy that all you have to do is THINK what you want to say and He will have the message CLEARLY before you can finish gathering your thoughts. That is better than mental telepathy because He is YOU and IN YOU living your human life with you. Take another look at our HEADLINE! Nothing can be hidden from God by man or devil. Our Father-God is OMNIPRESENT and OMNISCIENT. Learn to worship Him in the real sense of spirit even though we are still clothed in a “raiment of skin”!
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2PostSubject: Re: Let Us Pray Rightly   Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:26 pm

This is a very inspiring post.
Yes, telepathy is back and forth with the heart of the Cosmos - its self-directing center you call God. It is obvious to me that what you mean by God is very different from what other people at lower frequencies call God, this very post is a proof.
No one can entertain these light and inspiring but also solid thoughts without having a very different experience of God from what people usually argue about.
Yet this personal experience makes it really valid.
True prayer should be a wordless communion - I am saying this with words but something else is stirring inside. The very thought that this is a two-way communication is inspiring. Frequently one does not even need anything else at the first step.
You are not alone.
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Let Us Pray Rightly
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