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 Take it Away!

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1PostSubject: Take it Away!   Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:25 am

Take Away This Cup


Mark 14:36 And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.

It is time to see God’s message REALISTICALLY. God sent Jesus to inform YOU, that “YOU will carry your personal cross” in this life. YOU will also wear your own “.crown of thorns”. YOU will suffer persecution and abuse at the hands of demonic prisoners confined in the pit-prison down here. This life is the time of sorrows and grief over so many things. This world is not Heaven. It is “hell”, and evil spirits imprisoned here will teach you that during your time confronting them. Devils will use your own human brothers and sisters to torment and oppress you. Those of your own household will become like enemies to you. You will suffer pain from aging and from diseases until you leave the pit of hell!

Given that these things are true, why ask God to, “Please remove this cross and suffering that you promised we are given to suffer”? Jesus said, “What they do to me, they will also do to you”! Do you believe Jesus? OK, then! There is a cross for every man and there is a cross for YOU! If you find yourself STUCK IN TROUBLE and YOU CAN’T GET FREE ….do not turn against God for leaving you in it! He told you this is what happens to His children in the devil’s prison, just because of your ROYAL BIRTHRIGHT.

Psalms 69:9 For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me.

Since “God dwells in us and walks in us”, devils are aware that they can get REVENGE ON GOD BY HARMING YOU! “Whatever pain and torture they heap on you will simultaneously be inflicted upon Father-God as He lives your life with you and for you! You might say, “I did not ask for this! I did nothing to devils for them to target me! I can’t even see them and we are not sure they exist or where they are”! You also did not ask to be created as a ROYAL CHILD OF GOD! But HERE YOU ARE. Our Father-Teacher put us down here to undergo a NEGATIVE “exercise” with demons to make us SHOW OUR STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES! Nothing is under our control. We are His creation “products”, and the Scientist is determined to first “test” all of us before we go into STEP-TWO, the perfection stage in Paradise.

I know many of you feel “This is so unfair! We did not have anything to do with that fight in Heaven that resulted in devils being thrown down to this earth-environment. We are all born as innocent babies, and yet devils pounce on us as fast as we are born. This is so mean and terrible. God is DOING US WRONG”! I know these kinds of thoughts have come to you as you ponder the human predicament. Nevertheless, here you are, caught up in a fight you did not start and knew nothing about.

This is the TRUTH of the IMMORTAL SPIRIT-WORLD. We are God’s sons and daughters, ROYAL SEED! You were not consulted about anything, because you were just a PLANNED CHILD who existed as a “blue-print” in the Creator’s mind (BOOK). The Scientist chose this method of testing us because THAT IS HIS PREROGATIVE AS FATHER-TEACHER-SCIENTIST. NEGATIVE TEACHING TOOLS (demons) were created to provide the opposing experience to our true nature created and sealed in us. MARRING by devils (SIN) has caused each man (clay vessel) to show Father-God each child’s strengths and weaknesses. No product can dictate terms to its creator about “how to test it”. Inanimate products like cars and shovels cannot tell their makers, “Do not bang me around to see how durable I am”. Father-God’s products, particularly His “human creations” have reasoning capability and they can talk. So men have prayed all kinds of prayers to Him asking Him to “prevent sicknesses; stop cancer; do not let the devil harm my; make my husband a better man; stop my children from acting so wickedly”! Do you hear me?! Well God has heard you complaining. But He is IN YOU EXPERIENCING ALL THAT YOU EXPERIENCE SIMULTANEOUSLY! What it means is the same thing as Jesus asking, “Father take away this bitter cup”! So what was the out-come of this for Jesus? You know what happened. Many of you watched Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ”, and you were moved to tears! He left Jesus down here to be crucified. And devils motivating the Jews and Romans were so angry that they strung Jesus up on that cross after nailing him to it! The same thing applies to “your beef to God about what is happening to you in your daily life”. The SCIENTIST-TEACHER chose every event happening to you, and HE IS IN YOU TO MAKE SURE YOU GO THROUGH ALL THAT IS PLANNED FOR YOU BOTH GOOD AND EVIL. Suffering in hell is part of OUR BIRTHRIGHT. YOU will not get out of this until and unless Father and Jesus come to your name and number in the Book of Life. Jesus will call you by your TRUE NAME! At that point Father fulfills the request in “the Lord’s prayer”, namely, to “deliver us from evil”. By calling your TRUE NAME, you lose your “raiment of skin” (you are “circumcised”) and fly up to Paradise “on wings of Eagles” (Michael’s angels). There the “Clay Master” makes us over again into PERFECT GLORIOUS ANGELS.

We do not get a “choice”. Father-God made all decisions concerning us before He began to create anything. All He is doing now is fulfilling what is pre-written in each human role and script. Most of us do not get a choice about when to leave the pit. You might say, “What if I commit suicide”? Isn’t that “my choice to do if I want to”? REMEMBER GOD IS LIVING YOUR LIFE FOR YOU AND WITH YOU. If you do seem to commit suicide, it will still be “GOD IN YOU DOING THE WORK”!

Isaiah 26:12 LORD, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us.
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Take it Away!
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