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 Astrology and Your Health

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1PostSubject: Astrology and Your Health   Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:10 pm

The Zodiac and the Correlation to Human Anatomy

Astrology isn't all about horoscopes and the Zodiac as most people believe. We are all connected with the earth and the universe through the constellation (signs of the Zodiac). Each Zodiac is associated with an animal and all are connected to a part of the human anatomy.

There are locations in the body which connect to and store our emotions and the like. These have been medically proven and are called NEUROPEPTIDES. Each neuropeptide will do different things to different parts of your body. If you hold on to negativity for too long it will affect your body and ultimately your health.

Everyone has an Aura about them; this is a type of Energy Field. Every living thing has these, including the planets. When one has a weak spot in their aura this allows for lower frequencies to come into your aura and this is what causes diseases and illnesses. A cold or flu is but one example of these frequencies that will wreak havoc within your body. Once they are there they cause all kinds of types of to happen and they are not nice things. Pay attention, next time, to your thoughts and emotions when you happen to get sick.

Astrological Signs of the Zodiac
Here is the list of each zodiac sign, associated body parts and what emotions are held there.


Aries is associated to the Ram and is linked to the head and Face.
The emotions stored here would be trauma such as headaches and being struck on the head. Pain in the back of the head can mean that you have a problem with forgiveness of yourself. Pain or disability in your eyes tends to mean that you are not seeing things for what they are. Farsightedness and Nearsightedness corresponds to living in the moment and looking to the future and planning for such things.

Taurus is associated with is the Bull and is linked to the Neck. Pain in this area that would also include the shoulders could mean money problems or security about money. It could also point to someone looking at their past and judging themselves for past mistakes and how it correlates to their present situation.

Gemini is the twins and they are linked to the arms and they have no corresponding animal. When thinking of someone the phrase "Reach Out and Touch someone" should come to mind. If you are you having a problem reaching out to someone, check your thoughts and feelings on this.

Cancer is associated with The Crab and is linked to the breast. If you look at the breast you’ll see it’s like the body of a crab. Cancer is directly connected to Leo.

The Mighty Lion is linked to the Heart. Let you love shine! These things that affect your heart and lungs (within the breast) resonates everything about LOVE. Don't wallow in false ideas that nobody loves you. If you do and you cannot reach out and love someone you will have problems with your heart and your lungs. The very first thing that one should be taught is to love oneself. It is from this self-love that you must give love to get love and vice versa. Remember to let you love shine!

Virgo is the Virgin and the body part is the bowels but is not connecter to an animal. Are you constantly “seeing” Red; do you let irritation and anger rule your world? Do you harbor unresolved conflict inside? All these things pertain to the bowels. This is where you store problems understanding what is going on in your surroundings. Let these feelings and emotions go. It is for you very being. Hepatitis "C and other diseases of the liver are thought to be a symptom of holding in your anger for many, many years.

Libra is linked to the Veins and this one has no animal counterpart but is the ruler of Balance.

Scorpio rules over the genitalia and the animal is the scorpion. It is interesting to note that on the chart it says the body part is The Secrets. There is a delicate balance with these in the man and in the woman. These also equate with the first and second chakras. Your self identity, creativity, sexuality are all affected by these.

Sagittarius is linked to the thighs and its archetype is the Bowman. Emotions of traumatic experiences, moving on, jealousy and emotional pain are kept here. As the legs support the rest of your body, feeling a lack of support are also kept here.

The Goat is the associated animal for Capricorn's and it rules the knees. The knees are where the emotions of negativity are stored. If you are stubborn or inflexible then you will have problems in this area of your body. Negativity is low on the chakra and the knees. As the knees are in the lower portion of your body it is heaviest there.

Aquarius is the Waterman and is linked to the legs.

Pisces is associated with the fish and is linked with the feet.

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2PostSubject: Re: Astrology and Your Health   Mon Nov 09, 2015 5:34 pm

I'm bumping this up because Reg just joined RR, and he's an expert on Eastern Astrology, which teaches everything you just mentioned and a whole lot more...
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Astrology and Your Health
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