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 Frequencies - More Than A Radio and Heal Thyself

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1PostSubject: Frequencies - More Than A Radio and Heal Thyself   Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:13 pm

The Human Body has frequencies just as a radio does. Each body part has its own frequency. Illnesses and diseases also have frequencies and they affect our body’s rhythm. For instance here is a list of the body parts and their frequencies:
• Brain Frequency Range 72-90 MHz
• Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
• The Body 62-78 MHz
• From Neck down 60-68 MHz
• Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are 62-68 MHz
• Thymus Gland is 65-68 MHz
• Heart is 67-70 MHz
• Lungs are 58-65 MHz
• Liver is 55-60 MHz
• Pancreas is 60-80 MHz

Some diseases hold these frequencies:
• Colds and Flu start at: 57-60 MHz
• Most Diseases start at: 58 MHz
• Candida (Yeast Infections) overgrowth starts at: 55 MHz
• Receptive to Epstein Barr at: 52 MHz
• Receptive to Cancer at: 42 MHz
• Death begins at: 25 MHz

Foods that are in the High Frequency range include:
• Organic Meats, Fish and Poultry. The less processing the better. For instance if you can go fishing for your fish that would be the best. The fresher the better.
• Fruits and Nuts that grow on trees such as Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Cherries (sweet and tart), Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Hazel Nuts and the like. Juicing your fruits is also an added bonus.
• Vegetables that contain chlorophyll. Those would include Dark Green Leafy vegetables and these tend to alkalize the body as well. Other foods in this category would include: Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli


Heal Thyself
Most of the Masters which include Jesus and the Dali Lama have said for us the Heal Thyself. Jesus stated in the Bible that if you believe your sins would be forgiven. Though he made mention of this many times the method to do so was left out. The Dali Lama tells us to be mindful of our thoughts, just as Jesus did.
We were each given an individual body to take care of. We are supposed to now and experience life through our body. No one else has or knows our body like we do. What comes into the body does not defile it; it’s what comes out that does. We can watch things and they will not affect us until we put emotions and let those emotion-filled thoughts and actions out. What we think will also affect our health. Pay attention to your thoughts and deeds and emotions.
With this in mind there is another method that takes our thought to heal ourselves. It is known as Bio Feedback. It is something that needs a lot of practice. There are several devices that can assist you. Another s called focused meditation. It requires that you pay attention to your own body vibrations and frequencies. For instance when you get upset you would pay attention to your body and feel what it is expressing to you. You can calm yourself and your body's vibrations by focusing on the act of calming yourself down.
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Frequencies - More Than A Radio and Heal Thyself
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