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 Laura’s Heart

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1PostSubject: Laura’s Heart   Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:54 pm

There was this girl that had a paper heart and she carried it all around wherever she went. She also had a ring that had the pounding like a real heart. One day she was looking and feeling her paper heart wishing it was real. She went to put on her ring that was made of gold and had in the center of it a red dot that would beat like a real heart. This day that she was looking and feeling her two hearts she went to put on the ring and it stopped beating. She still had her paper heart though and she held it to her chest. She was confused as to why her heart in her ring would stop making the sound of a heart beating. She put it on her finger and it still did not beat. Oh she got up and was crying really hard and she ran through the field. She ran so much and got really tired and she could not run anymore and she sat down. She heard the beating sound of the heart and lifted up her finger and the ring was not beating. The beating she was hearing was not coming from the ring, but it was coming from her very own chest. Laura got heart real human heart. She held her chest for hours it seemed. She still had the paper heart and she held that to her chest too. Every now and again she would take it and look at it. It was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen.

This was a dream that I just had that woke me from my nap on March 7, 2014. I often have the most vivid dreams when I am taking a nap. I do not know if this story will continue, but I hope that it does. I will write it as I get them and maybe I will and you will know who this Laura girl is and how she got the ring and the paper heart.

Tonight is the next part of the story. It is not a dream and it is February 8, 2015. I re-read my little piece of story and I have a feeling what it is about now. So here goes with some more of the story.

Laura was a thought in someone’s imagination. This someone is a woman who wants a daughter really bad. She does not know what her imagination brought forth and Laura has no idea where she starts and where she ends. So she has this paper heart that symbolizes a thought that someone is thinking. She is not a real person as we are with blood that flows through our veins. She doesn’t have real hair or a real heart just yet. The ring is the mother she will have when she is born. The red dot of the beating heart in the ring is that of the mother who longs to love and cherish her. She is the one who will give Laura a real heart that will beat with the sound of love and that sends that love coursing through her veins and will fill her up so that she may send it to someone that she will love.

Melodi is having some difficulty in her life. She grew up on a homestead. Her father was a farmer and they acquired the land from his father and all the way back to her great grandparents. They came from a very well to do family but they all died in a battle for independence from the country they lived in. Her father was the only one to survive and he did inherit 40 acre of land and it was all his and he owned it all outright. There was no money owed on the property. All he was required to pay the taxes and/or purchase the equipment that he needed to use to make his land provide for his family.

Melodi married Joshua when they were just out of high school. They were very happy and wanted a child so bad, but she had trouble conceiving. They tried and tried and tried so hard for years. No Melodi was a bright girl. She was top in her class and loved animals and the land that Joshua would help farm and provide for the family when they had one. Both of them wanted children right away, but it seemed like it was not in their future. It was then that Laura came to be though about and of and how Laura first got the paper heart. It was the love from Melodi and Joshua that she got the heartbeat with the ring which was the eternal love from her parent’s to be.

Melodi fell ill one day and the thought of her surviving was snuffed out when the Doctor came in to her hospital room. He said, “Melodi, your tests came out positive for cancer and your outlook for life is not so good.” Joshua cried at the thought that they would never be able to have a child and an heir to their land. Melodi had given up on the idea about having a child. That was when Laura could not hear the heartbeat in the ring. She did run all over the land up in heaven or wherever the children are waiting for to come into this world.

Joshua and Melodi fought for Melodi’s life. They prayed and they did everything they could to help Melodi through all the treatments and such.

It took just over a year when Melodi beat the cancer and was cancer-free. What a joy that was and that she could continue with her longing for a child to help and to love and to cherish and give forth grandchildren to continue their parent’s line and heritage.

One day Melodi got sick again, but they did tests on her and found that she was with child. What an exhilarating thing to have happen and what a gift she was given!

Laura was on her way! She was going to exchanger her paper heart for a real one. She was going to get her chance to come to earth and have a family that will love and cherish her. She held that ring and heard the heartbeat close to her chest.

Before she would be born she was given information such as why she was going to be in these people’s life, what she was going to learn, what she was going to experience and most importantly what she was going to teach others. She was given things like strength, encouragement, unconditional love for the others that she was going to be helping as well as be helped in the life she was given. She was told that there will be bad things that she will not understand while living that life, but they are all according to plan and everyone was in agreement that these things can only be learned while they were under the veil of life. She would not know what those things were going to be once she was born but to know and understand that they are all for the good of each of them and what they were to take and learn from them.

It was coming close to the time where she would have to leave the comfort and the carefree life there. The temperature is constant and nice and not cold or too hot. There is no hunger or touch or feelings. Hearing and sight was the only things that you had to do there. It was a very comfortable place to be and she could go anywhere with just a thought. It was peaceful.

She got a bit scared thinking about all the things that would be happening to her while on earth and she began to hesitate. Did she want to really go down there and be in a body which will be tested with many things such a hunger, heat, cold, and the pains for growing older as she went through the life. It was a real big decision on her part, but she could not give up on all the others who were counting on her.

Was Laura really going to get her heart or was she going to forfeit it all to be in her comfort zone?

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Laura’s Heart
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