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 Why the RR Forum Was Created

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1PostSubject: Why the RR Forum Was Created   Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:19 pm

I decided to create a new Forum here on the forumotion hosting service after finding out that the "Christians vs Non Christians" Yuku Group had moved here, and the immediate reason was simply because Yuku has been giving poor service to its users recently, and I'm afraid it may close as MSN Groups did back in 2008. So I decided to create a single Forum that would contain what I consider to be the most important of my writings that are now archived on the "Revolutionary Spiritualism" Yuku Community and also give me an opportunity to start a Web discussion forum of a sort that has almost entirely disappeared from the Internet.

Creating the archives of my writings is going to be the easy part. I have already imported my "War in Heaven" book to the Forum of that name here on RR, with each chapter as the OP of a separate thread. This means that anyone who wants to read the book on line can do so, and it can also be downloaded easily, though in pieces rather than in one big chunk.

Importing the rest of my writings that I feel deserve being archived is going to take much longer, because I intend to edit out the material I wrote myself from the comments on it. The archives on the RS Yuku Community consist mostly of threads from many different Web discussion groups starting in 2005 and continuing for quite a number of years. Reading through these makes me realize that my contributions to these discussion are usually 5% or less of the total writing, and it would be better for both practical and ethical reasons to import them as isolated pieces. This extraction process will be time-consuming, but still easy, because it won't require me to do much creative writing in real time. However, starting a discussion group of the type I have in mind is going to be much harder, and I'm not sure it's even possible.

My first experiences with on-line discussion groups started in 1990, when I joined the Genie "Religion and Philosophy Forum". This was huge, with hundreds of people posting every day, and had very strict rules about what the members could post. I wasn't happy with either the amount of censorship or the diversity of personalities and opinions represented on the boards, but I adjusted well enough that I was eventually given a minor staff position. This ended when I was nearly killed in a traffic accident in February of 1993. While I was recovering, I got back on line, but by this time Genie was being replaced by competitors such as Compuserve and Delphi. And I remember that in 1994 I created one of the first user-owner small Web discussion groups. This was on Delphi and was called "The Edge", and the actual structure was very similar to that of the old MSN Groups or the majority of similar groups that still exist.

However, by 1995, I was totally off the Web and didn't return till 2005. When I returned, MSN Groups was at its heyday, and I ended up posting on a dozen or more different groups every day. In 2006 I created my own group, called "Reality Checkpoint", but still spent much of my on-line time reading and posting on other groups. Most of these groups had about twenty members who did a lot of posting and fifty to a hundred others who posted occasionally, and the majority of the ones I visited regularly were devoted to discussions of religion, occultism, philosophy, and the paranormal. The discussions often got heated, with a lot of flaming, trolling, banning, and migration from group to group, and this may have been one of the main reasons MSN Groups was closed in 2008-9.

Between 2009 and the present, Web discussion groups of the kind I just described seem to be fading away, with most people confining their activities to social networking services like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, or to blogging services. Before I came back on line the fall of 2005, I expected that I would become active mostly on the networking and blogging services, but my Spirit Guides asked me to join discussion groups instead. And by the time discussion groups started fading away over the last five years, it was obvious to me that my Guides had been right, because I was finding it harder and harder to have meaningful communications with the people who'd been my virtual friends and acqaintances on various discussion groups. When I tried to become active on Twitter and Google+ where many of these people are still active, I found I had little interest in their postings and they seemed to feel the same about mine.

I'm hoping that some of the people who are active on discussion forums that still exist have had experiences similar to mine, and may be willing to join RR and help me turn it into the kind of venue I'm hoping to create ... if we can find them and invite them here. However, I've decided to conduct this search on the "No Holds Barred" Forum instead of on this General Forum, because it's likely that discussions of these matters will contain significant mention of what's going on in these other Web discussion groups, which is controversial enough make it sensible to do it there.
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Why the RR Forum Was Created
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