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 The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

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Lady Guinevere


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1PostSubject: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers   Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:11 pm

I just came across this on a FB group that is selling this book.  I want it, but then again I want lots of other books, but cannot afford them.
Anyway there was a picture quoting from the book and there was a discussion on it.  I like and can relate to that idiom she speeks of and an copying and pasting her words here.  Yes I have permission as I asked her if I could share it with other social networks.  So here are her words:

"One of the universal laws are - as you believe, so shall it be. 

If you believe in heaven or hell or punishment of some sort then you are going to experience your belief, not because your belief is based on a universal law; that's absolute but because the universal law is, as you believe so shall it be. As you create, you'll experience the consequences of your creations. 

The individuals who cross over beyond this life may experience for a while the higher and lower vibrational realms, the heaven/hell concept or any other beliefs they cultivated during their life without realising they are tapping into a higher universal law that they had created during their lives, so they shall experience it. 

Be careful what you believe in and do not think universal laws can be broken.

It takes longer for things to manifest in this dimension than it does in the 4th. Thoughts can actually be seen to take shape instantly and anything desired can be manifested by the powers of the imagination. 

Great spiritual Mystics taught universal laws. Also, in the Tibetan book of the dead it says whatever you hold in your mind at the moment of your death is what you're going to experience immediately as you cross over. Now this state may not last forever but it may seem too. In a literal sense it's not going to last forever, if you find yourself projecting false beliefs and in a painful experience it's because of the beliefs you held during your life and what your experiencing may seem like eternity but that's because when you cross over, time and space are at a higher level than what they are on the physical plane. You will vibrate at a higher level and basically experience the spectrums in the universe that you were not aware of in the physical state, where energy is more congealed. Your beliefs, ideas and thoughts are manifesting at a faster pace because they don't have to congeal enough like they do in the physical to manifest themselves. 

Some people die and have near death experiences and they have hellish experiences and others have beautiful NDE's. This isn't a harp hazard thing! People who have hellish or heavenly experiences, you'll find out if you delve into their beliefs during their life, they believed that, either they are going to heaven or they are going to hell, that's what they firmly held and was taught. The universe is not going to disappoint them. 

The universe is a reflection, everything you send out from yourself is reflected on the inside and is bought back to you and in that state it's bought back to you immediately, so much so that you don't realise the connection, until you do and then as soon as you realise that, you are able to change it. That may take some time though. So if you cross over and start to see negativity, it'll be your job to to change your beliefs and what you are thinking. But wouldn't it be wonderful to do that before you cross over? You need to prepare yourself so you can make those changes. If you believe in a hell and you believe in your subconscious self that you during your life have committed these so called sins and that your still going to be punished for them, then you'll certainly have a hellish experience. That's what your going to get because that's what you believe and vice versa."
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2PostSubject: Re: The Afterlife of Billy Fingers   Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:30 am

I glance at written material of this sort when I come across it on line but it never interests me very much. There's a certain amount of truth in all of it, and each person who reads it notices and remembers only what he or she is ready to understand at that particular time. The goal of practically all of my own writings is to show my personal understanding of all the information on "the nature of spiritual reality" that I'm exposed to both on and off line, and my hope is always that the people who read them will respond by doing the same thing ... which will increase my own understanding of the same subjects.
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The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
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